Saturday, May 24, 2014

Not My Best Run Day

Earlier I went to Dick's to pick up a new pair hiking shorts that were a blend fabric, instead of the 100% cotton pair I have. The cotton feels nice, but they get so wrinkly and when it's really hot they just stay kinda wet...ewwww. Anyway, I got sidetracked looking at all the running clothes on sale and spent an hour trying stuff on. After I returned home I read Kristina's blog about the thigh gap lol
Timing is every thing...

I tried on about 10 pair of running shorts that were all adorable colors of varying fabrics and lengths, and not one of them would stay in place. I tried dressing room jogging and they all ride up...ugh. So frustrating! I always have cute short envy in races...I think it's funny as I was cursing about my thighs I came home to read Kristina's post. The only shorts I have are the longer almost at my knee kind lol 

In general I am a smaller built person, 5'2" with hips a little shy of 38 inches. Sadly, I have always been fairly thick through my shoulders and chest too so I am just straight up and down, no kind of curves going on at all. I have always felt I would look a whole lot more balanced with hips a few inches wider. 
Thigh gap will always elude me, and I will never look good in a tank top, but there are worst things in life right...

I ended up with dark hiking shorts to my knee and a few other goodies :) 
I am hoping to hike Sunday or Monday- still trying to finalize plans, but I got my outfit! The Blue Ridge Mountains are about a two hour ride. Hopefully, I will have some pretty views to share. 

This morning's run was with a friend from work on a trail I have never visited before. It was about a half hour drive, and very pretty with lots of shade and turtles, but my body wasn't cooperating much today. 

We ran the four mile loop in 42:43 which wasn't so bad, but the second time around...we had a 12:49 average pace. My legs were feeling so tight and Hillary wasn't feeling that great at a few points either because she hasn't run in about a we walked braked, walk breaked ?  walk braked ?...
Sometimes English challenges me 

I did order a gymboss so I will have a timer soon so I can work on my Galloway method long run and see how I do. 
I have my stick out trying to work on my tight leg issue

My long weekend plans aren't very exciting, how are yours? Do you drive often to get to a place to run or do you mostly run out your front door? 


  1. How are you liking the stick??

    I have runner shorts envy too. It's probably really odd, but I have severe runner shorts envy for Anton Krupicka (yes a guy) lol. He usually runs in these tiny black shorts that I don't think any other guy could rock. I wish I could wear them too! I do 99% of my runs in capris because I am afraid of chaffing :)

    1. I am enjoying the stick! It is causing pain to my left calf, but it seems to help. That cracks me up! I envy anyone who can rock those cute little run buns lol I do Capri's and skirts often. As long as I body glide skirts are good and no one can see if the shorts wiggle up ")

  2. Perfect timing for the thigh gap article! I have some black booty shorts I sometimes wear on a run that become even BOOTIER than normal because they ride all the way up to my crotch! But I don't care. Stare away people.

  3. Your booty shorts look awesome on you!!! I'd rock them because you can! I would have lumpy stuff hanging out LOL

  4. I find running skirts to be more comfortable and ride up less. That said, I only seem to wear them in races! I guess I find them too dressy for training runs?! Lol. Just some relaxing for me this weekend. A nice quiet weekend at home (finally).


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