Monday, June 23, 2014

A Happy Monday - What???

Not sleeping has been an ongoing treat in my life these past few months. I was having so much anxiety about work, interviewing for new positions, and where I was going to end up, I just expected for the insomnia to take leave now that it's all finally settled, but it didn't. I did get wonderful, restful, peaceful, sleep all weekend so I guess I was due...I woke up at 4:45 a.m. and started tossing and turning. My clock has the outside temp on it and I noticed how cool it was and I decided I could make better use of my time. 

I body glided up and headed out...
Thank goodness for a low humidity morning - just what the doctor ordered 

I started running, determined I would run for an hour no matter what. This wasn't my speediest or smoothest 10K, but I felt like a dang super hero getting a "long run" in. Truthfully, it felt really tough because I haven't been running outside much, but I tried to push for short bursts and slow as needed, I never looked at my pace the entire time, I just ran and this is how it turned out...

Avg Pace
Finishing up as the sun was starting to come up 
And it gets better...
Two good runs in a row...woohoo :) 
Sunday afternoon I went and ran a wonderful feeling 4.5 miles on the treadmill. I ran three miles at a 9:30 pace and the last mile and half I kept taking it up until I hit an 8:34 pace, the endorphins were flowing and the world start looking rosy colored again. Amazing how that happens, right?  It's like my own little aura of rainbow and bouncing happy faces are surrounding me. 
My habit on the treadmill has been to warm up for four or five minutes (depends on my legs) at a 10:20ish pace and then start bumping up the speed. The past few weeks I often just run about 9:40 pace until the last mile and then crank it up a bit. I haven't pushed myself much, but I really need to, which is why I decided to start making at least one treadmill run a week a true progression run. It's funny how a few seconds can make you feel like you are really accomplishing something. 

I still think I will be surviving July and August with shorter treadmill runs and more weight training, but I am going to try to make the most of it. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week with your own rainbows and bouncing happy faces. Tell me anything  


  1. I had really hoped to make it through the summer doing speedwork outside, but I think I'll be hitting up the treadmill too. It's just so hot out and I don't want to die of heat stroke!

    LOVE that you ended up having two great runs in a row! I used to obsess over checking my pace during a run, now I just kind of go with the flow unless it's a speed day and those runs always feel good :)

    Go Karen! Hope you have a couple other great runs this week!

    1. hmmmm...treadmill - heat stroke, that does make the treadmill look more appealing lol I am finally at a point pace doesn't bother me so much either.

  2. Yay for two great runs! This is a change from your last post. Nice pace too!

    1. I needed to share my happy thoughts, it seems I had been sharing a bunch of blah lol

  3. two great runs that is fantastic. I know exactly what you mean about the excitement you get when you string together some good runs. really brings you back out for more.

  4. Woowoo! Great job Karen. Good to hear you got a break in the weather!

    1. I was thankful, you know it doesn't happen much in summer, so I had appreciate the gift :)

  5. That's awesome news! So glad you got a wonderful morning run in. That kick starts a good day in my books. Glad it's less humid there too! It's thankfully gotten less humid here, think the constant rain has helped.

    Yay for your running endorphins! Maybe better sleep will come throughout the week as a result? :)

    1. I have slept like a baby the past few nights :) I think my frustration over not being able to get outside was making me crazy. I made peace on my run Monday that this may not happen in July and August and that will be ok. I really needed a chance to work that out in my mind, it's been overly cluttered with stress.

  6. Sorry you haven't been sleeping well, but YAY on the good runs. :-)

  7. It's getting better! That past two nights have been glorious!! I love good runs ")

  8. Those are some great runs. Oh and major kudos to knocking out that run when you can't sleep. I thought I was the only one who ran while everyone slept lol

    1. The humidity is really starting to hit again lol The only time I can run is real early lol


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