Thursday, June 12, 2014

Why Do I Do These Things?

I confess I am a little loony at times...
Sometimes I just have knee jerk reactions.

Wednesday night when I was at the gym it was monsoon type raining, which broke the humidity just enough to get me thinking I should outside run before dark...what's a little thunder and rain, right. I texted run buddy and she's three miles in the rain, no problem. I ran over to run buddy's house, which is almost a mile from mine and off we went. You have to appreciate a friend who will lace up and get soaked with you. I wish I had thought to take a picture, we looked like drowned rats, but happy ones. I have to confess though, I took a quick walk break on the last mile on a very small hill lol. I had been at the gym, ran two miles warm up on the treadmill, and worked weights for almost two hours and done the leg press right before I left the gym. The last mile my tushie was so tight I couldn't handle even a small hill, but I still finished strong once it was flat again ")

My craziness continued into today...

We had a party day at work, I ate all kind of yummy food and dessert and I didn't even log it. 

This is Rufus who is finally going to get some sleep in his retirement and that's me loose in the world with no make up and twisted up hair 

That's Sylvia - the lady who hired me three years ago ;) 

Two of my fav peeps- our security guard and counselor- Trevor sure talked me off some ledges this year (and he thought he was there just for the kids lol)  

When I saw these pictures I started freaking a bit...some days I just can't believe how bad I leave the house looking...
Driving home I was in manic thinking mode, go to the salon, cut the hair, get it dyed, wax the eyebrows, buy some new clothes lol

Then I got home and started being lazy because I had exhausted myself thinking about all the things I should be doing to make myself look a little more presentable. 
An hour later I put on my running clothes and went to run on the treadmill.

Five miles later I didn't care about all that stuff, I was just happy I got a run in. 
That's one of the reasons I  running so much.

Then I got home and the euphoric feeling wore off a little after I showered, so I went to the store and got a box of hair dye, a new color, and now I am a little redder than I want to be. Dang, knee jerk reactions...

Moral of the story...I should have pushed out another mile and I would have been too tired to go get hair dye :) 
Oh well, the stuff fades, I just have to walk around blazing red for awhile. 
This may be an exaggeration 

At least I have 11 miles of running in this week so far...

Ever had a knee jerk reaction to something you'd like to confess to? Dye your own hair? How's your week going? 

I will be catching up with all my regular blog reading as soon as things calm down at work - last day for the kids is Friday the 13th. 


  1. Oh, I hear you Karen - my hair has been every different colour! My last 'knee jerk' impulsive (mistake) was when I was sick and tired of my massive roots courtesy of having been in China for a year at that point - I wanted to be blond again! So, I booked myself in to a local hairdressers and using Google translate, the power of images on the internet, and my dictionary, I thought all was coherent and they understood what I wanted. Cue my worst hair experience ever, that kinda of every day I am reminded of (my hair was pretty much melted off - way over bleached and some was yellow/orange.) Oh well, it is just hair, I guess, and is slowly growing out. :)
    I bet yours looks lovely though! Picture please! (As soon as you've settled in with it enough).
    All hair dye fades after the first few washes - even ridiculously bleached ruined hair seemed to calm down a bit too, for me.
    By the way - you look beautiful! Are you kidding that you weren't happy with those photos? You are obviously naturally beautiful and have no need for make-up. :)
    Great job on your run in the torrential rain too. (TWO hours of weights?? wow.) :)

    1. I have to agree with Lou, you are clearly a natural beauty. Your skin always looks flawless and glowing in pictures which means it's probably even better in real life! My face is always oily which is so annoying!

      Way to get out there in the rain! That sounds like a tough workout day. Running, weights and then more running!!!! Great job!

    2. xoxoxo, I just feel old these days but thank you for the sweet sweet sentiments :) Lou, I am sure the bleaching experience is a freak out session too, but your pretty long blonde hair looks amazing now :) You are so right - red especially fades fast when you wash it a few times a day which I can't avoid doing when it's this hot and I work at night :) Pics may cause me a lil trauma but I will do it!

  2. Way to get out and run in the rain, I can't wait until we get some rain in az. I'm going to splash around like a little kid. Run buddy is awesome, she is ready for anything. That is a good friend, or just a really crazy runner lol. Runs take all the stress away for me too, just clears my head and my body.

    This weekend I have 13.1 mikes, yikes!

    1. You will rock the 13 :) Run buddy is treasure, she pushes me when I need it!

  3. Yay for running in the rain! I always find it refreshing. I think you are being too hard on yourself Karen. You look cute! You should see what I looking like heading to work some mornings. I totally understand being too tired at night. I often only have enough energy for a shower and dinner after work and a workout.

    1. Yep, piles of stuff are getting easier to ignore :) I am sure you look cute daily

  4. I bet you look GREAT as a blazing red head! Pictures please??? :) I almost cut my hair a few weeks ago but I am so glad I didn't.

    1. I go through that also! I am at a just shave it point...dangerous lol You would look great any way you chop your locks :)

  5. this is a good reminder that i need to dye my hair soon!

    i love it when a run helps to put all the pieces into perspective.


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