Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Long Run

I woke up Saturday and it was like this...

Actually it was darker, because I took the above when I was done my run, but you get the idea, not a lovely day. It drizzled the whole way, but I was determined to run outside.  About four and half miles in I thought I was going to flake out, so I kept running further from my house :) 

I made it nine and half miles.

Avg Pace

I tried to start out easy and relax so I wouldn't gas my self out. I didn't have an exact goal, but I didn't take my hydration pack, so I knew maybe I could make it 8 miles or so. My feet hurt off and on during the run, but I kept pushing and told myself not to stop. 

I took a bottle of water with me and I thought I would carry it for the first two miles, then stash it for the way back. Ha! I stashed it about a half mile from my house, I didn't want to carry it.  I hate carrying extra "stuff".  I ended up taking two short stops at sprinklers during my run to splash off and get a handful of water. I just didn't want to deal with my hydration pack, carrying it does provide the advantage of not stopping of course, but I just don't love it. I need something I can wear that "disappears".  Rinsing my hands and arms, flushing my eyes, feels very refreshing, but I am left to the random luck of if and when I will pass a sprinkler.  I never feel the need till I am at least four miles into a run to get water, but after that I am usually looking for an opportunity. I always wonder if someone is sitting drinking their morning coffee cussing at me for leaning over their sprinkler lol I only stop if it's right on the edge of the yard. 

It was nice to have a bottle of water for my walk home after my run ") 
I was a sweaty happy  ❤ mess when I got done. Amazing how good even a mediocre run makes me feel right now :) 
I did chafe my right thigh raw. I will spare you the picture. My body glide must have worn off in the extreme drizzle and sweat mix I guess, but you know I don't even care. The ouch reminds me I ran. 

July turned out okay. I did have a few panic moments where I was convinced I was completely losing my running stamina, but I still managed 80 miles for the month.
So far during the streak I have only missed one day. This really helped my mileage last month, so I am still on track to bypass my goal for the year. ❤  

Do you ever stop at sprinklers when running? Would you cuss at me if you saw me splashing my eyes? Have you ever done a run streak for any length of time? 



  1. Yes I have snuck into people's sprinklers before!!! :) :) :) Nice finish- you really pushed the last two miles!

    1. Thanks! I wanted to finish strong :) I needed it. I am glad I am not the only sprinkler squatter.

  2. WHOO for a long run!

    I hate carrying a bottle of water too. I bought one on my long run Saturday and ended up downing it in about two gulps just so I wouldn't have to carry it. Turns out that wasn't the smartest idea because I could feel it sloshing around in my stomach for a couple miles after... not a great feeling! hah!

    1. I hate that sloshy feeling! Last night I wore my pack when I ran and by the time I got home I felt that way.

  3. Thanks for streaking with me! I've run through sprinklers, but never stopped to rinse my face. I think I'd be too nervous about whoever might be watching me. lol.

    1. I am really enjoying the streak! Something totally out of my norm :)

  4. Great job on your run! I did my long run in similar conditions yesterday and my hydration pack chaffed my back real bad!

  5. Great job Karen! Running in the drizzle can be cooling. With the heat and humidity lately, it's been almost impossible not to chaffe. I'm not very good at runstreaks because my body does need rest.

  6. Good job! I don't like carrying extra stuff on my run too. I have thought about running through sprinklers...but now the next time I pass a sprinkler I am going to smile...

  7. Nice pace - especially that fast finish! I'm guessing it's hot where you live so that makes it even more impressive.


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