Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oh No, Running Woes

As soon as the two days of rain showers took leave here, the sticky hotter temps returned. (((Sigh))) Repeat loudly and really lift your shoulders...that's how I feel. 
Hubby gave me beautiful flowers on Monday to brighten my desk. I love the colors and they made me forget how dreary it was outside. 

I am over the crap humid weather. Today when I came out of work I wanted to change and get my workout in right away. That's my usual routine unless I am hungry because I skipped lunch. If I run before I shower in the morning I usually only run a mile or two, I think my longest run was three miles because I have to be there by 7 a.m. 
Anyway, after work it was still about 85 degrees and fairly sticky, soooo off the gym I went. 

I managed an hour on the treadmill, which is 6 miles for me. I just ran it easy pace.  I wish I could say I got a great rhythm going, but I didn't, my goal was to stay in motion for an hour...I know that probably sounds fairly lame, but it's true.  

I stretched quite a bit when I was done - I love holding those elongated stretches when I am warm. I did some incline sit-ups and back work in-between stretches. Twenty four minutes later I was suddenly feeling ravenous. 

I stopped at Jimmy Johns and in freaky fast time I was scarfing down a seven grain veggie sandwich with baked chips. Ever notice how tasty stuff is when you are really hungry. 

As soon as I arrived home, I washed my car. There is some construction work still going on in portions of our building and when I came in out of work my car was covered in a layer of dirt. I don't what they were blowing off the roof but it was gross. 

Car clean and I am ready to pedal  :) 

Then I hopped on my bike and pedaled hard around the neighborhood. 
Wouldn't it be cool if these were running splits instead of my bike ride? 

Avg Speed

I went into the house right before dark...vacuumed, washed dishes, threw in a load of towels and finally showered.  It felt really good to get the grime off me. :) 

I could have waited to run till about 7 p.m., the temp had dropped to comfortable by then, but I am sure I wouldn't have got as much done.  
I am anxious to start logging some runs outside soon, sadly the temps, and daylight are still challenging me. 

What's your favorite time to work out? Do you work out as soon as you get home from work? 


  1. Holy cow! You ran 6 miles, did situps, washed the car and biked 10 miles after work?!!! That is seriously impressive. I would be pleased if I got just one of those things in! :)

    The weather here is starting to cool down some, but it's still hot. We went from mid 90s to mid 80s and I can definitely feel the difference during my runs!

    1. I am glad your weather is feeling better to you :) I sure hope you get a great day in Portland, I think you will feel amazing out there. hehe, trust me not every day is that tonight ")

  2. It is cold here right now!
    I like to workout in the mornings on my days off and I love a quick workout after work before I make supper for everyone. I feel like it gets me re energized for the evening.

    Great job getting all that done after work!

    1. I am jealous it's cold :) It's awesome you can get a.m. work outs in.

  3. It is so humid here right now too! Even at 6am when I run it is sticky! I am a morning worker outer. I don't have the energy after school for ANYTHING!

    1. That's impressive you get it all done before you go to work :) Booo to sticky lol

  4. Karen, I was on the East Coast the week of (and after) Labor Day and I have to say I do not envy anyone who has to live in humid weather. I hope your temps cool down real soon.

    It may snow shower here in Denver tonight (Thursday). Wish I could send some your way, but may you'd rather I didn't!

    1. oh wow! snow shower lol I wish you could send it to me :)

  5. You manage to fit so much stuff in! The heat has been sticky and I couldn't be more excited for fall. I like to run right after work before I get home and sit on something comfortable. That makes it 10 times harder.

    1. That's so funny you say that, if I dare turn on Dr. Phil and sink in the sofa it can derail my whole night lol C'mon Fall :)


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