Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

I know, I know, I am totally politically incorrect, but I liked it ")

Halloween always puts me in the mood to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show.
but Twilight was on...

I promise I am not serious...

Guess who dyed my hair?! Hubby did it, we ordered the color off  e salon and he put on his colorist gloves and covered my grays. 
A shot at a second career maybe? 

It's a wild night at the Bayne house, am I really going to get up and run in the morning? 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Progress ~ I Don't Know

Ever have one of those days you just don't want to do it. 

I really just wanted to eat apple crisp after work and chill 
But I went and did it, after I procrastinated until it was almost dark.

This run felt really hard because my tummy was full of apple crisp

4. 6 miles in 45 min. 9:43 avg pace 
Note to self: remember it feels awful to run on a full tummy

I did another 12 miler this past weekend in 2:06 10:28 avg pace - 
16 days to my half.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Lots of Rambling About Headphones

This chick can not run without music. My attempts to do so are always short runs. I marvel at those who can go for an 8 miler or 18 miler and have nothing to listen too. It seems like madness to me. I need music for my sanity :-)

Several years ago I used a pair of wireless Sony headphones and fell in love. Once you go wireless you can't go back. My Sony pair lasted through a ton of sweaty walks and hikes in my pre-running days. Eventually the charge port corroded and I had to replace them.

The Rocketfish pair my hubby gave me were super comfortable. They have put in quite a few service hours for a few years now. All my walking, running, and even some weight lifting sessions, but sadly Rocketfish discontinued this set.
Rocketfish wireless 

Eventually the buttons on these will get sweat corroded. They are at that stage now, sometimes the skip song button will work and sometimes it won't. The sound is still okay, but not as crisp as it was a year ago. I've also had to tape the speakers on to keep them in place. The band behind the ear is very comfortable and stays in place better than anything I have ever tried for running. I love these headphones. 

So the search for a replacement set began...with a lot of frustration. The market is weak in wireless choices and many don't even come close to being comfortable or usable during exercise.

I purchased the Motorola HD flex wireless headphones and they were the worst things on the planet.
My opinion...these things were junk...
The ear buds didn't come with different sizes and actually caused pain to my inner ear after a short time. Also the connectivity wasn't very good and just having my IPOD in my running belt hurt the connection. Every little turn of the head caused static.

Then I purchased

These were close, but they are so thick they block every bit of background noise out and it isn't safe outside in them. I do need to be able to hear cars. These are okay for the gym, and usable in a pinch though, but still not the answer. 

So the search continued...

I thought this pair was the answer. I ordered these and they seemed to fit nicely over my ear. These also came with all different size ear-bud caps and felt comfortable. As soon as I worked up a good sweat up though, the over the ear piece is so thick, it would wiggle up and fall frustrating! These came with a big price tag, I sent them right back and decided to try Yurbuds.  I thought they were answer until I ran in them ...same problem. I have pretty small ears, so as soon as I worked up a sweat the bud would just pop off my ear. Yurbuds are very comfortable, if the over the ear piece were thinner, they would have been perfect. 

At one point, I thought I better learn how to run without music, but that's not happening. 
I love listening to music and zoning out a little while running. I enjoy my feet being synced with the rhythm, and on the treadmill or for speed-work, there's no way I could do it without music. If I am having a rough patch during a run, the right song can snap me out of it. I need music. 

Luckily, my hubby found a pair of my original Rocketfish (that are discontinued) and ordered them, so when my old faithfuls die I will be in good shape. This particular pair is so comfy, has clear connectivity, has good sound quality, but you can still hear background noise easily when they are low (except for a Prius), and they never move once the are on. 
C'mon Rocketfish - start making these again. 

Run buddy has the same Rocketfish set - she loves them too :)
Wireless headphones and my IPOD touch are two things I need to run happy. I sure hope the market choices improve before my next set wears out. 

What do you run with? Does lack of music make running feel harder for you? Wireless fan or no? 

Friday, October 24, 2014


The factors that impact running performance are numerous, so rarely do I head out and decide I am running __ pace today. Most of the time, I warm up and let the journey happen. Sometimes things are awesome, I knock out the set goal and feel pretty good; sometimes I look at my Garmin and think, "Hmmmph, I KNOW I was moving faster than that!" I have learned to relax about it though, because there is an almost endless list of variables that can cause the above to happen. Sometimes I am just working on tired legs, it is a necessary evil, it's really hard to space your workouts to give you fresh legs each time. 

Every run will not feel perfect, but that doesn't mean it doesn't benefit you.

Last Wednesday it was pouring rain, so I went to the gym, ran a warm up mile, and did an upper body work out for a little over an hour. I have seriously been neglecting doing any leg work, so before I left, I did this...

The leg press - two 45 lbs. on each side - 

I did notice last week it was starting to feel easier, but I decided to not challenge the weight until after my half marathon, Nov. 15th. 

This week at the gym I did the few leg things I can do without flaring up my knees*

When I got to the leg press,  I did my usual - two 45 lbs.

I realized it was silly to wait until after the half to up the weight. If I just do it I will be stronger for my race. I added a 25 lb. weight to my load and pushed it up 10 times. I did it again and realized I was cheating myself.  I was nervous, but I threw three 45 lbs. on each side, and pictured my knees stuck into my stomach while yelling for help, but I pushed it up. Eight times, and I did a second set. 

I am glad I didn't wait, procrastination simply wastes our most precious resource, time.

It's good to push past where you are comfortable. My trail run felt pretty challenging last night, because my legs were fatigued from pushing that weight, especially my glutes, but overall it's making me stronger and that can't be bad.

Getting ready to run the trail - I really felt it on the hills

Ever challenge yourself and love how it turned out?

* The story with my knees - knees isn't accurate really, the pain and stiffness are in my inner knee area. What flares up are the thin ligaments, tissue, and tendons. When it flares up, I can not bend it (ouch). The OT/PT doctor said my knee caps are unusually tight, with no flexibility. My knee caps are "slid" out a bit. He said the "slid out" thing commonly happens to older women who are inactive, so he thinks it's just how I am made, because I've always worked out. Anyway, he tried to work on the mobility in my knee caps for months, but it never really improved. He said because the knee cap is so tight it creates a lot on tension on the inside area. When it does flare up, I sit and ice until it's better. If it tears it could be a much longer rehab, or a permanent injury, according to my sports med doctor, so I just try to be careful as I can.

Certain movements where I shift my weight can cause it to flare up, like lunges, squats, and burpees,

A few months ago I decided to try one leg machine at a time, at the end of my workouts, so I could narrow down what was giving me issues. I missed a few days due to pain, but now I know exactly what works and what doesn't.

My pain level has significantly improved as I have grown stronger.

Anyone else have any physical limitations they are dealing with? 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More Half Marathon Talk

I continue to work on my make it to the finish line plan. I revealed my expected time and the goal I have in the back of mind in my last post...
Based on my training, a good half marathon day day will be 2:15, but secretly I would love to beat my time from last year 2:13:03
 I did an interval workout last night. I didn't follow the plan exactly, I did it my way.

3 min. warm up
6 min. @ 9:13 pace
1 min. easy pace
6 min. @ 8:57 pace
2 min. easy pace
6 min. @ 8:41 pace
2 min. easy pace
4 min @ 8:32 pace

I do love the treadmill for hitting an exact pace.
I need to ease into these workouts, since I have been living in easy pace land.

One of my major goals will be not stopping to tinkle at all. I know it sounds crazy, but it really bugs me that I lost a minute last year because I couldn't make it. I have struggled with this on every training run. I wanted to try to push through it, but seriously, I couldn't convince myself to feel that uncomfortable. My last two long runs I got my tinkle stops under 30 seconds, but going in a port of potty will take longer. Can you picture me in Depends race day?

Twenty three days isn't long and I can't help myself...I wonder if I've done enough, and what will benefit me most before taper week.

A look into my busy brain:

Irrational taper fear #1 - I always think my body will forget how to run. I know that's silly because I will be stronger for the rest, but I can't help it.
Irrational taper fear #2 - My legs will have the tight feeling I sometimes get after a rest day. My first run out after a rest day isn't always my best run sometimes, it's the next day...
Irrational taper fear #3 - I will gain weight and feel heavier on race day and it'll screw me up.
Irrational taper fear #4 - Thinking that one more run may give me something I need or missed during training.
Irrational fear #5 - Since I don't have a time goal (but secretly I really do), I shouldn't really taper, just treat it like every other week.

Rational fear #1 - the weather will suck
Rational fear #2 - sickness
Rational fear #3 - something will randomly hurt race day
Rational fear #4 - I will sleep through my alarm and miss the whole thing

So taper race week plan:

30 min.  run

25 min.  run

15 min.  run
Race day

The plan calls for no cross training at all. Monday or Tuesday is screaming for a good upper body work out, don't you think?

Looking back:
These are what my tapers have looked like in the past. I don't know what I was thinking before the 5K?

5k run w/floor exercises
15 min. run
10K race day PR 

10K run
1.5 mile walk
3 mile progression run hour of upper body weight training
15K race day
12 seconds off PR

4 mile run 1.5 mile walk
5k at pace
2 miles easy pace
1.5 mile walk
1 mile run hour upper body
7 mile run
5k race day
PR pace but course was short

I have been working on strong finish long runs. A few weeks it worked out great, I felt good and was able to pick up the speed the last two or three miles. However, I've had a few runs that I wanted to pick it up, but my body, no matter how hard I tried to dig, wouldn't do it.
It feels more natural for me to set a decent pace, then push when I feel good and back off when needed. This usually results in a few slower miles, but I can't always be guaranteed I will have something left for the end. Last year during my half I wanted to pick it up the last mile so bad, but I couldn't find a drop of energy, I ran my last mile at a 10:35 pace. Fast finish runs do not come natural to me, it's something I am working on.

Thoughts? - should I add my weight work outs in taper week? Does the amount of running seem right for taper week?  have you ever had to take a pit stop during a half marathon?
Are you good at finishing fast? if so what's the secret?

My plan calls for a 10K pace run a week before race day (last long run) I am good with that.

The week before that, it only calls for (hours) 1:45 run, which for me would be 10ish  miles. I am leaning toward changing that to a two hour run, so 12ish miles that week...thoughts?

Monday, October 20, 2014

All Out

I have been very accepting of my easy pace lately, honestly it hasn't bothered me. I have stayed focused on rebuilding my endurance to make sure I can run across the finish line, November 15th.

Yesterday the itch to run fast hit me, probably because it was not humid here at all (YAAAAA). I got the same itch last week, but it didn't work out nearly as well. 

Pace is very intriguing to me, it's so different for everyone. 
There are some days a very swift pace can feel invigorating, comfortable, and very sustainable. The same pace a week later may make you gasp for breath and want to hurl. 
Maybe this doesn't happen to everyone? maybe it's just me? All out can be 9:30 one day and 8:58 the next.

Of course....I love the, "Where did that come from?!" days!! Runners, live for those kind of days, don't we?!

I had one of those days for the first time in 6 months...I always think my Garmin must be broke when I see really good splits.

I set out to do a sub 30 5K Sunday evening. I figured that would exhaust me, since I haven't done any speed work lately. I saw that lovely 29:06 at 3.11 while I was breathing super hard, but I decided to keep pushing (only happens in the absence of humidity) and see if could knock out two more miles.

Avg Pace




I did not run my usual hilly loop, I picked a lower elevation gain.

I was shocked when I was done and I am kicking myself now - why didn't I finish the 10K?! I was on my PR pace, but I didn't think about it till I was in the shower.
My legs feel used up happy today, I love that feeling :)

So, one decent run and guess what?! Yes, I may do the interval workouts on my training calendar for the next few weeks. I have skipped almost every work out that involved speed and stuck to the easy pace - building endurance plan, but sometimes it feels so good to push your limits. 
Races are hard though, you never know what kind of day you are going to get, how good you are going to feel, but I need to be prepared, just in case, right. 

Based on my training, a good half marathon day day will be 2:15, but secretly I would love to beat my time from last year 2:13:03

My long runs during training:

12 miler - 2:05 avg pace 10:23 (chillly)

12 miler - 2:09 avg pace 10:43 (more humid that day)

10 miler - 10:08 avg pace (cooler)

9 miler - 10:19 avg pace (more humid)

This weekend I went to the beach and one of the gals was training for the same event, but she does Galloway method (run/walk intervals). I decided having a run buddy would be more fun, than trying to work on my pace, so I did the run/walk.

12 miler - 2:19 11:37 avg pace

Done with 12 miles

I ran the last half mile barefoot on the sand 

The water felt so refreshing after 12 miles :) 

The perfect meal after a long run - 3 egg omelet with feta and spinach - indescribably yummmy. 

So here it is 25 days to the race, and I have one good run, and I start thinking all crazy...
Seriously, I could wake up to 80 degrees with 97% humidity, you just never know in VA, but  I do want to be somewhat prepared in case it's a great day and I can do more than just finish. 

What do you think, too little time to really change my game plan?
Do you ever get the itch to just go out and run as hard as you can?

Scenes from my weekend:
walking the beach Saturday 

The house we stayed in 

Corolla, NC has very large dunes so you can't see the beach from the street 
Group pic :) 

The steps to the beach 

I missed my honey so much, I couldn't wait to get home. Girls weekends are fun, but no one can replace my honey. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Liebster Award

Marnie from Super Smart Mama was kind enough to nominate for a liebster award. Marnie is soon to be a mom for the second time, has a great running story, and loves food and travel. She always has something great to share. You can check her out here: Marnie's Liebster Post 

"Liebster" means "dearest" in German and the liebster award is handed out from one blogger to another -- primarily to newer bloggers with smaller audiences (less than 200 to 3000 followers, depending on what rules you find out there). Thank you for nominating me! 

1. How do you typically start your day?

 Hitting the snooze button multiple times! Even if I have enough sleep, I am not a morning  person. 
I have to be at work by 7 a.m. so my alarm starts going off about 5:00 a.m. everyday, earlier if I am trying to run (which rarely happens). 

Who loves their snooooze button!? 

2. What is your favorite book?

 I loved Where the Red Fern Grows as a kid, but I won't read it now, it'll make me bawl. 
 I haven't ready anything serious in a long time. I like Harlequin romance novels, Anne Perry stories,  Hunger Games,  Catherine Anderson... I don't want anything that makes me think too hard.  I usually read to unwind. Sorry, I am just not very deep, I guess. 
Cowboy romances :) 

3. What is the one piece of advice you wish your current self could give to yourself at 21?

Appreciate how good you look instead of worrywarting (probably not a real word) about what you don't like. Believe you are capable! I just couldn't find a path at that point in life because I didn't feel skilled enough to do anything. 

4. If the Internet didn't exist, how would you spend your free time?
I am so old I grew up without the internet. I read a lot of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books, and listened to records ALL the time. I loved to bike and walk all over Baltimore (where I grew up) and swing in the park.  I spent a lot of time doing word searches, I was addicted to finding and circling the word :) 
I guess if the internet went away tomorrow, it'd be back to word searches for me :) 

5. What are you most looking forward to this upcoming holiday season?
I do not love holidays...never really have, and the pressure of gift buying and decorating are not for me.  I mostly enjoy the break from work and I do look forward to more snuggle time with my hubby. 
It's hard to decorate at my house - Junior exploring the Christmas tree a few years ago. 
It's hard to get mad at that face
Baby Junior 

6. Are weekends for relaxing or living it up?
Weekend are for running and chilling mostly! 
I don't like to be overly busy, so I always avoid making lots of plans, unless it involves hiking ") 

7. What do you love most about blogging?
I love reading all the experiences folks share. I love to hear how others train, the strategies they use, and the connection to those who share a crazy common passion. 

8. What do you love least about blogging?
Sometimes I just feel blank! I often write things and I am hesitant to share them...often because they are a message more to myself, or it's something I KNOW I need to work on, so I get "nervous" about talking about it. 

9. Chocolate or fruit? Both :) separate, mixed together...yummmm

I love dark chocolate. 

I ate a handful of these before my last long run :) Maybe not the best fuel but it sure made me happy. 

10. What is one of your talents? This can be big or small.  Just something that is unique to you!
 These kind of questions always scare me a little
 Ugh...I can't sing, I have questionable rhythm, can't draw stick figures well, academics - not so  much, athleticism - no not really...I do work out and run, but catch a ball? Nope. Organizing? too tired...decorating? LOL (sigh) see why these kind of questions scare me.  

My Misty Moo - What's my talent? napping :) 

 May I have a new question?

Happy Trails,

I would like to nominate Robyn who happens to be my boss at work :) She's fun, energetic, a top notch counselor, and loves to travel. You can check her out and say hi at

Here are your questions Robyn: 

What is your proudest accomplishment?

What is your favorite way to treat or pamper yourself?

Do you have a favorite place you've traveled to?

Favorite season?

Do you have furry kids? If so, how many and what kind?

Favorite childhood memory?

Favorite sport/sports team?

Do you play a sport?

How long have you been running?

What is your “last day on earth” meal?