Monday, October 20, 2014

All Out

I have been very accepting of my easy pace lately, honestly it hasn't bothered me. I have stayed focused on rebuilding my endurance to make sure I can run across the finish line, November 15th.

Yesterday the itch to run fast hit me, probably because it was not humid here at all (YAAAAA). I got the same itch last week, but it didn't work out nearly as well. 

Pace is very intriguing to me, it's so different for everyone. 
There are some days a very swift pace can feel invigorating, comfortable, and very sustainable. The same pace a week later may make you gasp for breath and want to hurl. 
Maybe this doesn't happen to everyone? maybe it's just me? All out can be 9:30 one day and 8:58 the next.

Of course....I love the, "Where did that come from?!" days!! Runners, live for those kind of days, don't we?!

I had one of those days for the first time in 6 months...I always think my Garmin must be broke when I see really good splits.

I set out to do a sub 30 5K Sunday evening. I figured that would exhaust me, since I haven't done any speed work lately. I saw that lovely 29:06 at 3.11 while I was breathing super hard, but I decided to keep pushing (only happens in the absence of humidity) and see if could knock out two more miles.

Avg Pace




I did not run my usual hilly loop, I picked a lower elevation gain.

I was shocked when I was done and I am kicking myself now - why didn't I finish the 10K?! I was on my PR pace, but I didn't think about it till I was in the shower.
My legs feel used up happy today, I love that feeling :)

So, one decent run and guess what?! Yes, I may do the interval workouts on my training calendar for the next few weeks. I have skipped almost every work out that involved speed and stuck to the easy pace - building endurance plan, but sometimes it feels so good to push your limits. 
Races are hard though, you never know what kind of day you are going to get, how good you are going to feel, but I need to be prepared, just in case, right. 

Based on my training, a good half marathon day day will be 2:15, but secretly I would love to beat my time from last year 2:13:03

My long runs during training:

12 miler - 2:05 avg pace 10:23 (chillly)

12 miler - 2:09 avg pace 10:43 (more humid that day)

10 miler - 10:08 avg pace (cooler)

9 miler - 10:19 avg pace (more humid)

This weekend I went to the beach and one of the gals was training for the same event, but she does Galloway method (run/walk intervals). I decided having a run buddy would be more fun, than trying to work on my pace, so I did the run/walk.

12 miler - 2:19 11:37 avg pace

Done with 12 miles

I ran the last half mile barefoot on the sand 

The water felt so refreshing after 12 miles :) 

The perfect meal after a long run - 3 egg omelet with feta and spinach - indescribably yummmy. 

So here it is 25 days to the race, and I have one good run, and I start thinking all crazy...
Seriously, I could wake up to 80 degrees with 97% humidity, you just never know in VA, but  I do want to be somewhat prepared in case it's a great day and I can do more than just finish. 

What do you think, too little time to really change my game plan?
Do you ever get the itch to just go out and run as hard as you can?

Scenes from my weekend:
walking the beach Saturday 

The house we stayed in 

Corolla, NC has very large dunes so you can't see the beach from the street 
Group pic :) 

The steps to the beach 

I missed my honey so much, I couldn't wait to get home. Girls weekends are fun, but no one can replace my honey. 


  1. Awwww I love the ending to your post. I feel the same way! I love girls time, but there's nothing better than getting back home to Adam (and Cecil)!

    Congrats on your awesome 6-miler!!! I started soaking my legs/feet in the water after long runs during marathon training and I will NEVER stop doing it. I love the way it feels!

    For race day I think you should have two goals in mind and depending on how things go the first couple of miles you can make your decision about which one to shoot for!

    1. I love how you included Cecil :) I am jealous you get to soak your feet like after your runs, it felt amazing!! I think goal A will be finish with no tinkle breaks lol and goal B will have to based on the weather. You are so right, I can make the decision once i get rolling.

  2. Having just been to the Outer Banks for Labor Day weekend, I am LOVING the photos from your girls weekend in Corolla!

    That was so nice of you to run/walk with your running pal who is using the Galloway method. That's how I started out running long distances, and when I joined a new running group that did NOT use the Galloway method, I had quite a time adjusting. I tried to get my little sister to run when I first started running, and I even ran-walked several races with her, but eventually we both accepted that was not going to be a runner.

    1. The Outer Banks is a very different beach experience, not the traditional boardwalk and shop lined place. Where did you stay Marnie? We didn't see any horses and we were right at the fence where the reserve is...but I saw a fox :) Run/walk is a great method! There is quite a difference in how it feels, but i guess it;s not for everyone. Walking is still great exercise even if your sister doesn't like running :)

  3. Looks like a fun weekend. I think it is good to go and appreciate who you have back home! :)
    I am glad you had a great run! I think I am going into my race on Sunday with plan A, B and C...I can't wait for it to get here...
    I any post run soak in the NH beach=ice bath. ANY time of year!

    1. The NH ice bath sounds awesome!! You will have a great race, I like you have plan A, B, and C! :) There's no place like home....

  4. GREAT RUN, KAREN!!!! I am with you, some days I feel super duper awesome and can really get a good pace going, other days it is an effort. I say go run what FEELS good for your half. Ease into the pace that feels comfortable on that day!

    1. Thanks Megan :) I haven't had many of those runs lately and it sure left my legs tight lol I can still feel it in my shins today, but i love it. Fingers crossed it will be a good half day!

  5. What an awesome weekend, it looks like! And awesome run too!! Go Karen! Love your phrase 'used up happy', that's great :) That DOES look like the perfect post-run meal too, hey! Is that diced fresh apple as a side too? YUM. :)

    1. red skin potatoes :) I love when I am that hungry after a run, everything tastes so amazing lol

  6. I love and hate running in the sand. It's so hard, but the view can't be beat. :) Nice job on the 3 miler that turned into 6...I love it when that happens!

    1. Running in sand was very hard and I never run barefoot! It felt tough.

  7. HA I get that itch too. Pace is really tricky, so many variables go into how your body feels which ultimately impacts your pace. Way to kill that 5k, always feels good to have a good run leading up to a race. I think your plan is prefect, heck I say go after the 2:13 lol

    1. Pace is so tricky! I would love to beat that time lol

  8. Way to kick in the speed! I love it! I enjoy a good speedy run from time to time also. The house you stayed in at the beach looks awesome and I love the picture of you on the beach (the selfie) you look so happy and your beautiful hair so vibrant!

    1. You are speedy all the time! Thank you Christy :) My war on gray hair has my hair color always changing a little lately :)

  9. I was just thinking on my run this morning that easy can be a 10 min pace or a 9 min pace...humidity & heat play a HUGE role for me. I've been enjoying your blog for a while. The beach looks spectacular. Good luck on your half and just go for broke! You'll do great! I'm a new blogger ( Check it out when you get a chance.

    1. I have really changed the past few years with my heat intolerance. I have a very slowing thyroid and I am the lovely M word, so the dr. thinks it's the thyroid making it hard for me to control body temp, but I am sure the hormone levels don't help. Your race list is something!!

  10. If race day is humid, I'd take the pressure off of myself and run at a comfortable pace so that I could cross the finish line with a smile on my face. Your beach weekend looks like fun!

  11. Looks like you have been having some great runs. Congrats!

  12. I love days like that! Way to go! :D It's never too late to put some speed work into your training ;D Congrats on the great run :D

    1. It would be so nice if more days went like that ") Thanks!


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