Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Liebster Award

Marnie from Super Smart Mama was kind enough to nominate for a liebster award. Marnie is soon to be a mom for the second time, has a great running story, and loves food and travel. She always has something great to share. You can check her out here: Marnie's Liebster Post 

"Liebster" means "dearest" in German and the liebster award is handed out from one blogger to another -- primarily to newer bloggers with smaller audiences (less than 200 to 3000 followers, depending on what rules you find out there). Thank you for nominating me! 

1. How do you typically start your day?

 Hitting the snooze button multiple times! Even if I have enough sleep, I am not a morning  person. 
I have to be at work by 7 a.m. so my alarm starts going off about 5:00 a.m. everyday, earlier if I am trying to run (which rarely happens). 

Who loves their snooooze button!? 

2. What is your favorite book?

 I loved Where the Red Fern Grows as a kid, but I won't read it now, it'll make me bawl. 
 I haven't ready anything serious in a long time. I like Harlequin romance novels, Anne Perry stories,  Hunger Games,  Catherine Anderson... I don't want anything that makes me think too hard.  I usually read to unwind. Sorry, I am just not very deep, I guess. 
Cowboy romances :) 

3. What is the one piece of advice you wish your current self could give to yourself at 21?

Appreciate how good you look instead of worrywarting (probably not a real word) about what you don't like. Believe you are capable! I just couldn't find a path at that point in life because I didn't feel skilled enough to do anything. 

4. If the Internet didn't exist, how would you spend your free time?
I am so old I grew up without the internet. I read a lot of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books, and listened to records ALL the time. I loved to bike and walk all over Baltimore (where I grew up) and swing in the park.  I spent a lot of time doing word searches, I was addicted to finding and circling the word :) 
I guess if the internet went away tomorrow, it'd be back to word searches for me :) 

5. What are you most looking forward to this upcoming holiday season?
I do not love holidays...never really have, and the pressure of gift buying and decorating are not for me.  I mostly enjoy the break from work and I do look forward to more snuggle time with my hubby. 
It's hard to decorate at my house - Junior exploring the Christmas tree a few years ago. 
It's hard to get mad at that face
Baby Junior 

6. Are weekends for relaxing or living it up?
Weekend are for running and chilling mostly! 
I don't like to be overly busy, so I always avoid making lots of plans, unless it involves hiking ") 

7. What do you love most about blogging?
I love reading all the experiences folks share. I love to hear how others train, the strategies they use, and the connection to those who share a crazy common passion. 

8. What do you love least about blogging?
Sometimes I just feel blank! I often write things and I am hesitant to share them...often because they are a message more to myself, or it's something I KNOW I need to work on, so I get "nervous" about talking about it. 

9. Chocolate or fruit? Both :) separate, mixed together...yummmm

I love dark chocolate. 

I ate a handful of these before my last long run :) Maybe not the best fuel but it sure made me happy. 

10. What is one of your talents? This can be big or small.  Just something that is unique to you!
 These kind of questions always scare me a little
 Ugh...I can't sing, I have questionable rhythm, can't draw stick figures well, academics - not so  much, athleticism - no not really...I do work out and run, but catch a ball? Nope. Organizing? too tired...decorating? LOL (sigh) see why these kind of questions scare me.  

My Misty Moo - What's my talent? napping :) 

 May I have a new question?

Happy Trails,

I would like to nominate Robyn who happens to be my boss at work :) She's fun, energetic, a top notch counselor, and loves to travel. You can check her out and say hi at

Here are your questions Robyn: 

What is your proudest accomplishment?

What is your favorite way to treat or pamper yourself?

Do you have a favorite place you've traveled to?

Favorite season?

Do you have furry kids? If so, how many and what kind?

Favorite childhood memory?

Favorite sport/sports team?

Do you play a sport?

How long have you been running?

What is your “last day on earth” meal?


  1. Karen, thanks for playing the Liebster Award game. I loved reading all the answers you provided, including the fact that question #10 (name one talent) scares you. Your response (not having one) is insightful in itself...

    I'm so glad I found your blog. Although I don't run much right now, I still love reading about your running experiences and challenges!!

    1. Thank you for nominating me :) Even though running isn't your thing for now, I still really enjoy your travels stories and I keep hoping maybe you will motivate me to cook :)

    2. So happy to nominate you! And I am having so much fun reading everyone's comments on your responses! Those are fun TOO! Looks like you've got a twin out there as well as a friend who will not be doing word searches with you.

      I love that you have such a great network of friends via your blog!

  2. I hate doing these on myself but really enjoy reading them about my fellow running bloggers. Always a great insight into who they are. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Richard!! always have a hard time doing these...I am fairly boring, but I try. I am dying to hear about these monster long runs you've been doing! (hint, hint)

  3. Your kitties are beautiful! Ours seriously cramped our decorating style this past Christmas. We couldn't even get a tree due to the fact that whenever Christmas wants fed and we don't feed him, goes and eats the tree. I HATE WORD SEARCHES! My HS history teacher used to make us do a word search at the beginning of each chapter and I always asked if I could do the chapter review at the end instead. She let me! I remember reading Where the Red Fern Grows in MS... it was so sad!

    1. OH NO! You won't be my word search buddy lol I guess they are like crossword puzzles - either love them or hate them! My furry babies thank you :) I am still afraid to post a picture of them all at once- I may get committed. I haven't had a tree for few years now - I can't decide if I should try again or not. Eating your tree? = getting sick? mine would...ewww.

    2. Oh yes Chrissy has thrown up fake green pine needles. :) I think you should write a post featuring all your kitties. :)

    3. I may do that, it will take me a month- I am slow poster ;)

  4. Karen, sometimes I wonder if we are somehow partially the same person! lol

    I loved Where the Red Fern Grows as a kid but definitely couldn't read or watch it now because it would make me bawl. I actually avoid all pet stories/movies because they make me cry like a newborn!

    Also, I agree with numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 too! I feel like I could have easily written all of those!

    The only difference is I don't even wake up until 7:30am unless I am planning to go for a morning run (which is so rare)! I love my sleep! :)

    1. I love how much we have in common :) Your posts are always REALLY good! Pet stories tear me up, sometimes I just can't take it lol Did you watch Marley & Me? Oh good gosh, it about killllled me!

    2. I refuse to watch Marley & Me! I don't think my heart could handle it!

  5. Beautiful cats Karen! I too would be scared by the talent question.... :)

    1. Thanks Lou :) You have many writing skills and we know teaching skills, because your students burst into song for you :) it shouldn't scare you.

  6. I loved the book "Where the Red Fern Grows". I read it out loud to my kids 3 years ago, and my son had to finish reading the last 2 chapters because I was crying. My husband came home from work and the girls and I were snuggled up on the couch crying, my son was reading...He was like, "WHAT is going on? What happened" My son said, "well some dogs in this book died..."
    I get up every morning at 6am--no alarm clock for me. I hear the kids waking up. I suppose if they sleep in I am doomed, but I figure we must REALLY need the sleep then... :)

    1. Awww, I remember as a kid having a hard time with pet stories and it never got better lol That's sweet your son read it to you!! It boggles my mind how you can get up with no clock!!

  7. Nice post. I like to read these stories about my blogger friends.
    I am also a talented "napper".


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