Friday, February 20, 2015

Upright Exercise

Since I was freed from my boot last Friday and allowed to do low or non-impact exercise, I have yet to get on a treadmill. 
I will take those first steps running or jogging soon, but for now, I put the brakes on, and have tested out my leg in other ways. 

Stationary cycling for 70 minutes with no heavy boot on and just a short biceps, triceps, and leg leg lifts session.

I spent an hour on the elliptical and did the leg press for the first time since my injury. I went down on my weight, my legs have shrunk, but it felt good to do it. 
My legs were sore Monday and Tuesday, a good sore that I could really feel on the stairs.

I spent an hour on the elliptical again, and then cycled for 20 minutes and did the Arc machine for 20 minutes. I was pretty excited I could be upright lol 
I did some stretching, a few back exercises, and leg lifts, before I drove home in snow apocalypse.

 I rested. Leg feeling good - 

I climbed on the elliptical and realized I was tired. I opted for a shorter (about 35 minutes) more intense work out and tried some intervals. I just did 30 second bursts, but it really spiked my heart rate. It went way above my running average. 

After that, I did 15 minutes on the tread climber. I was nervous and went very slow.

Then hubby and I had a kick butt upper body session and I was able to hit my weight goals on the smith machine, curling, and I did the leg press again. I've got to get my legs stronger again. 
I always like to see my weight training heart chart. 

We didn't break long between sets, we pushed through ~ LOVE those kind of days!!
Great weight days make me happy like a good run ") 

Back on the elliptical for 37 minutes of intervals. My heart rate was more in the normal range.  Then I cycled 5 miles. I did four sets of kettle bell swings and I felt tired, so I did some legs lifts, stretched, and we dashed off to eat. 

 Rest and eat is on the agenda today :0)
I have been very nervous to work my calf muscles. I am waiting till I can work with the therapist; because of the snow, I didn't get to see him this week. So far my leg seems to be holding up nicely. 

The temps here killed my motivation to swim this week. I usually shower and leave with my hair wet...I know I could stay and dry my hair, but it's so late when I get done, I just want to get home. 
The average temp here in February is normally about 50 degrees. 
Please gooooo away Arctic like blast. 
Anyone share my sentiments? 
Any fun plans this weekend? 

Richmond, VA
Thursday 9:00 PM
°F | °C
Precipitation: 0%
 Humidity: 28%
Wind: 12 mph


  1. It is colder here. I feel lazy when I read about your workouts. I've only used the elliptical when I was forced to a PT and I hated it.

    1. You should not feel lazy, you do a lot! Nothing is quite as fun as running, but I am okay with alternatives now.

  2. If you don't follow this blogger, read this post about injury:
    You had great workouts this week. There's no need to rush into anything. :)

    1. That was a good post! I think after going through this experience and knowing for sure I can maintain my fitness level, it will be easier to take a break if needed. I am trying to learn patience :)

  3. Yay for being out of the boot! Great job getting in some solid workouts. I totally understand delaying your first run. It's always so nerve wracking to return and see if the time off did the trick. It's chilly down here in Atlanta today too. I want to go back to Florida!

    1. Going forward will be tricky, especially since I didn't have a good pain signal all of December (until my leg gave out). Injury is very nerve wracking! I was surprised how nice it was in Florida :)

  4. Glad you are feeling much better. I agree this weather has been crazy. Glad to be in Florida this wkend. However it hasnt been warm here either. Should warm up by tmrw. -L

  5. You are a beast, Karen! You are getting some awesome workouts in. I am so glad you can be upright again. Are you starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

    I left the gym on Friday with wet hair. (I have thin hair and if I just let it dry in the car it gets nice and curly on it's own for work.) Well, I hadn't even crossed the street to the parking lot and my hair FROZE!!!! It was so crazy, but thanks to a gust of freezing cold wind, it froze!

    1. Hehe, frozen hair, I have had that happen hiking. It feels weird! You have great curls, my hair doesn't air dry well, I am just lazy lol
      I am starting to feel like it will/may be okay again someday soon :)

  6. Glad you are coming back to run. I did the same steps after my fracture: stationary bike, press, elliptical and tread climber. However my routine included also the swimming pool where I began to walk without crutches. All the best my friend!

    1. It's a process! All those are a great part of recovering.
      I am so glad you are on the healing road Stefano :)


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