Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Two New Work Out Tools

I hope your week is going well :) 

Here’s what is boggling my brain this week 

 (、ン )☾★

I am having a slacker week! I actually like to think of it as much needed rebuilding period. After pushing through a few fairly active weeks, and trying to lift heavy, my muscles have been screaming for an extended break. I am so close to reaching some goals I can taste it! Hopefully the mini break will give me the boost I need. I just wanted to share a few new things I am loving these days...

When I first started running I used a phone app and it drove me crazy, so I ordered this Garmin. I picked this one because it was an in-between model, it didn't have a lot of bells and whistles to confuse me (or malfunction), but it will hold a charge for hours.

I love 
this watch and sometimes I do drool a little over the newer models coming out, but this one has faithfully served me, so I am not quite ready to trade up...yet.

I recently decided to try some new technology with it and ordered a Mio Link to monitor my hear rate.

Honestly, I got very used to the chest strap, but I know the strap is something that a lot of runners don't like to deal with, just one more thing to chafe you, right.  Well, this is a great option if you've ever wanted to heart rate train, but dreaded wearing the chest strap.

I was worried at first about having something on both arms, but after my second wear I pretty much forgot it was there.

The Mio Link pairs easily with Garmin Forerunner 110 or many other models.

The band needs to be worn a little above your wrist and it does need to be snug, but continues to perform no matter how sweaty I get, and I sweat like a dude! Occasionally, I will tighten it a notch once I get going, because it slips a little on my soaking arm, but it has faithfully captured all my heart rate data. 

I love my heart charts, this one was from our bike ride last week. 

The same technology powers the Basis Peak(tracker) and the Garmin Forerunner 225 (wish list item :)  
News release from Mio Global

Now my hand grips...
The past few weeks I have been having a lot of pain in my left hand when trying to lift. My hands have a little arthritis in them and just ache sometimes. My left hand is particularly sensitive when I grip something and it will cause pain to shoot up to my elbow.

Oh, the perils of working out and trying to be healthy...

My hubby found these awesome grips and they help quite a bit.

Gloves, hand grips, Garmin, Mio Link....I am covered lol 
See these monsters, I want to push them up!! It's been my personal goal for the past year. Important note, that's on the Smith machine, not the bench. My straight bench goal is 25 lbs. and is still a work in progress. The bar digs into my hand with the heavier weight... but once I got the grips on it made a pleasant difference. I feel a lot more confident.

...and I can knock a few out 
(•◡•) I have a long way to go, because my goal is to pound out 12 reps easily, and that's not happening yet, but I am a step closer.
My hands were also killing me when I was pushing down to work triceps, and the grips made it easier to dig in. I am hoping my achy hands and shoulders will cooperate after I give them a little break and I can keep pushing on.

Have you found any accessories that enhance your work out?

Does a wrist strap seem more appealing than a chest strap under your sports bra? Well, unless Schlub reads this...your shirt?

Do you run with a Garmin?  
heart rate monitor?
or a phone app?

Does anyone own the Garmin Forerunner 225?


  1. I have the same Garmin. It's never done me wrong and I plan to use it until it dies. I wore the chest strap ONCE. No way. I have a FitBit with HR monitor. Love, love, love. This little device gives you worlds of information! As an added bonus, you can do challenges with friends too. Fun! Thinking about lifting those weights make me nauseous with my bum elbow. You are so strong!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I do have lots of love for that Garmin :) It seems to have a pretty long life span, so I thought the same thing :) I didn't realize the Fit Bit had the heart monitor tracking, that is very cool. I do love all my little charts, such a stats nerd, I need a device that tell me about my whole day lol
      I wish your elbow would heal up. I know that feeling I walked around for a year not able to even reach behind me with my shoulder, it was sad. It is making me nervous - how much its aching, I may have hit my limit.
      I am really not that strong, but I am stronger than I used to be. I just try to do what I can! I feel like I still have so many limitations it's hard to make progress

    3. I shouldn't try to comment from my phone it's always full of typos! I had to fix it. Whew lol

  2. Um yes! I am the same way when I go to bed, so annoying! I run with a Garmin, but don't use the heart rate monitor. I am intrigued by how you can use your heart rate for training, though! Maybe someday :)

    1. me too! heat rate training would be a challenge for me in the summer, I just beat to my limit in the heat no matter how slow I go lol

  3. I run with my Garmin and it has a chest strap, but I haven't used it more than 5 times I bet.
    I don't usually have problems falling asleep, its the waking up early that kills me. 3:30 am wide awake, just as well get up!

  4. Of course I'm going to read ears were burning when I woke up this morning :).

    Wrist strap definitely seems more appealing than the chest strap. Of course I don't train by HR so I get a break here lol. Garmin 110 is all I need, does all I want and we have run so many miles together, I can't get rid of him.

  5. My issue with heart rate monitors has always been the positioning with the sportsbra and lady parts. I would sometimes wear it backwards, so it was taking my rate through my back because it was easier to get it in the right spot. I would be much more into heart rate training with a wrist option! No question!

    1. It is uncomfortable to have that thing right there till you get used to it LOL The wrist strap is ticking very well, I am loving it :)

  6. I wear gloves when I strength train but they don't offer any support. They just protect my delicate hands. I still have callouses anyway!

    I wish we had a straight bench press set up at my gym. Planet Fitness only allows the Smith machine.

    1. The Smith Machine is better than nothing, but it is odd they don't put benches in. No lunks right lol
      I have callouses too.

  7. I have wore a heart rate strap for over 15 years so I am leery of those wrist ones & how accurate they are. I still want one.

    1. I was too! This particular has been right on!

  8. I just upgraded to a Garmin Vivoactive and I love it. I still do not know how to use it to its full capabilities, but I like that it also keeps track of my steps throughout the day, and more surprisingly that it gets my texts and emails...I had the 220 and loved it. I only upgraded to give that one to my daughter...
    I wear a pair of my daughters grip gloves to practice my one pull-up on a bar my husband mounted in the backyard. I feel kind of funny donning gloves for one pull-up, like it is some big event...

    1. The Vivoactive looks awesome! That's nice your daughter has her own now :)
      I love that you can do a pull up!! One is awesome. I still can't pull myself up , a year in and I still can't do it lol

  9. New running gadgets are fun! My Garmin Forerunner 220 got on my nerves yesterday at the Missoula Marathon - showed a low battery at mile 23, but it made it to the end, fortunately!

    1. I hope you had a wonderful race! I am glad it made it stayed on for you. Nothing more nerve wracking then a device that fails during a race. My 110 will hold a charge for like 14 hours when it's fully charges I wondered how long the newer ones would last.


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