Monday, August 31, 2015

Training is Rolling

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Lots of running by flashlight happening now

Monday a.m. - 5K run (31:42) half mile cool down
Tuesday a.m. -  5 mile run (51:40)
Wednesday a.m. -  3.53 mile run (33:56)  - 1 mile TM run 1 hour upper and core strength training
Thursday a.m. - REST
Friday a.m. - 7 mile Sole Sister Run (1:12:45) half mile cool down and stretching
Saturday a.m. - 5  mile run (51:17) 1 mile walk and stretching
Saturday p.m. - Elliptical warm up and 90 minutes core and upper strength training
Sunday - REST

I had a few break through moments this past week. Wednesday, I actually felt strong while I was running. I am not use to running several days in a row.  All these months recovering from the stress fracture, I have tried to run every other day, or two days in a row at the most, but I am trying to toughen up my legs now. Thursday, I felt I could have run again, but I rested, because I don't want to go crazy all at once.
The more I run, the more challenging it is to get my strength training done, and I skimped on legs this week because they were tired. 

Friday I ran my Sole Sister 7 mile race and enjoyed every mile. I was feeling the humidity, so honestly, I didn't push myself too much. I just cruised around and thought about all my wonderful real life, and virtual running buds, and all your awesome accomplishments. Awesome run therapy... you all are some pretty amazing peeps! I truly appreciate each comment, word of encouragement, advice, and support you all provide me.

Saturday I went to half marathon training team and 5 miles was on the schedule. I was surprised my legs felt strong.

You all know how running is, you get some great highs...and just to keep me humble, I had to have a little low. Saturday when I headed to the gym, my legs felt fatigued big time. I spent a lot of time stretching before I did my work out. I guess 12 miles in two days got me. I remember way back when I could handle that with out's coming again soon :)
Anyway, Saturday night my right ankle stiffened up quite a bit. It was very odd and hubby rubbed in some pain reliever, and I iced it. Sunday it still felt pretty stiff, so I decided to not press my luck, and I rested again. Sunday night as I was writing this, I started to feel a lot better, so I am pretty sure I will be ready to run again Monday morning :)  Rest can be a beautiful thing...
I actually had time to cook meat sauce for my hubby and veggie for me...

I earned this yummy treat of my all time favorites :)

                             ❤️ to EAT! 

I am going on vacation this week through Monday the 7th. We are celebrating my honey's 50th birthday. 

I am very excited. We have not been on a extended vacation for quite awhile. I am sure I will see you on Instagram! Karensrunva if you want to follow me :)

I will be challenged to keep up with all your posts for the next few weeks. School opening is always a little busier than normal, but I promise I'LL BE BACK!

Anyone else love fruit salad as much as me? 

Oh and a happy note this week...
This sweet beauty showed up on my porch 

 And thanks to the good old Facebook neighborhood page we were able to connect him to his owner in about an hour :)

How was your past week? 

Wishing you happy trails,

Monday, August 24, 2015

Wrapping It Up

Welcome to my weekly wrap up! This link up is hosted by two wonderful ladies HoHoRuns and
Join in the fun! Link up and share your week. 

I am alive and kicking in VA ;) I am finally feeling a little better, and trying to run a little more. 

Monday a.m.5K mile run (31:55) half mile cool down
Tuesday a.m.2 mile run (21:47) half mile walk/jogging
Thursday10K run (65:28) 2 mile walk - 90 min. all over strength training
Friday 4 mile run (40:20) 2 mile walk
Saturday a.m.4.66 mile run (48:25)
Saturday p.m.Cycling 5 miles outside - (gym) tread climber 25 min. 75 min. strength training upper body
Sunday 15 min. elliptical - 90 min. all over strength training 

We are back to this, for my morning runs before work - it's dark ( I swear that's me) 

I didn't feel like I got in gear until Thursday.  My "busy" 10K run...right now the pace I trotting around the neighborhood would have me finishing my half marathon at 2:17 or 2:18.
I am determined I can finish in 2:15 - unless it rains, or we have a freak 100 degree day, then who knows...but I will finish. 

Friday I took this while moving - I love seeing the pretty colors off in distance

Even better when you turn a corner and get a full force dose of beauty 

10K Friday with run buddy is no more :( It was an oddly breezy morning, and I enjoyed a 4 mile run, and 2 mile walk. 

Friday hubby and I went to Noodle and Co. - Tuscan grain spaghetti with cucumbers and onions tasted yummy after my morning work out :) 
Saturday, I did spend a few minutes stretching after my training team run. Urban running...wait at stop's a different animal

It was a pretty morning Saturday, 65 degrees and 73 % humid, so much cooler than normal, but my pace just doesn't just magically pick up, so I was in the very back of the pack for training team. Apparently, a lot of people just bounce into race mode when it is cool. I have noticed my recovery is much better, and at least I feel like I could run a little longer when I finish. All summer I have fought for each step, and usually felt drained after runs, like I couldn't take another step. It's nice to feel like maybe I could do a little more...finally.

Saturday we walked around the mall - the sky looked interesting all day. We stopped at Brookstone to play with the gadgets and I realized we have this monster massage at home. 

I do not know why it never dawned on me until we were in the store playing, that we own a massager. My hamstrings love this! I feel like it will really help my legs as I train. It hit those tender spots, like foam rolling, and works them out. 

Saturday for dinner, it was wine and cheese and pistachios...
I don't feel right drinking from this glass, but (it was a gift) it is good motivation to remind me, I need to get this distance done. 
I got some sweet stuff in my mail from I love my new running gear :) Thank you   

Sunday, I slept in and hubby made me chocolate protein pancakes, they were really yummy. 

Sunday I finally got on the calf machine and the leg press. It is amazing how I will avoid doing legs. I put it off all week. I always have good excuses why I can just skip it. This is going to help my half marathon in November, right?! I keep telling myself I need to do this through September and October and get stronger. 

Honestly, I wasn't feeling super motivated early on last week, but I try to take it one day at time, and it turned it okay.  
And we are starting a new week already...

Does your pace return pretty easily when it is cool out, or do you have a transition time? 
Apparently, it's going to take me AWHILE!

Ever use a personal massager to help your legs? 
Do you own a massager you are not putting to good use? 
Ever receive a gift with 26.2 on it before you actually did it?
How was your week?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Running Interruptions

Usually my runs are pretty uneventful, but this morning it seemed like action non-stop.

It was humid and hazy this morning, but the lack of sun seems to do me well. 73 degrees and 94% humidity, but without the sun beating down on me, it feels like my recovery was almost instant.

Lovely, not...but good for me, yes :) 

Twenty five minutes into my run a lady pulled up and flagged me down. At this point, my running rhythm wasn't feeling exactly smooth, so I didn't want to stop. She had stopped a few feet ahead of me and was getting out, so I decided I would not be totally rude.
The urgency?!
"Do you know where to park at the school, and what door to go in?"

Me, internally- AHHHHHHHHHHH! I thought I was being punked. I do work at a school and register students, but there's no way she knew.
I explained where to go, and took off before she could keep talking.

She was yelling as I took off, sorry I interrupted your run. Reallly!? I thought it was odd. Oh, and we were like a block from school, I guess she was nervous about going in. I checked my laps, the whole conversation was less than a minute actually, so I guess being nice is more important.

As I got to the end of the path, a bunch of geese were blocking the way. 
As I approached, I expected them to take off, instead they turned and started to honk at me. I got nervous, I slowed up and honked back, I thought maybe I was going to get pecked to death...luckily they waddled on, so I could get by, but it was odd.
This path runs past the school and leads to the next neighborhood I run in 

Most of my run route is in a neighborhood. I could see a guy about five or six houses down getting in his truck in the driveway. He had the truck on and running, but just sat there, so I kept on my path. He had glanced at me several times, so I assumed he was waiting till I passed. I get steps from his driveway and he throws it into reverse...sigh...seriously...big sigh....he inched out of the driveway, literally inched.  I looked at my laps later, I stoood there 30 seconds. Arghh, I hate stopping.

My route home takes me by the school again, a crew was there cutting grass. I scared a guy weed whacking. I guess he didn't realize I was there, and he about jumped out of his skin. He jumped so much he made me jump...good grief.

I drank a liter of water with Nuun during my run today.  I always have a few rough moments when it is hot, but overall, I felt pretty good.

I ran, visited the PT,  ate lunch, and went to the gym for some stretching, core stuff, and chest work. I feel like me again. 

Normally, I would have nothing to report from a run other than seeing an occasional deer or fox, but this morning was strange, it felt busy.

Hope you have a happy Friday ❤  

Have you ever had anyone flag you down and make you stop running for silly questions?
Encountered wildlife that refused to move?
Do you enjoy overcast days?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Don't Feel Like Me

I was so ready to start August off with a bang! Instead, it took me down a notch, several really.... last week was a tough one, not one single day where I felt normal. I wasn't sick,  just abnormally fatigued.

I feel weaker. I feel like it has been building the past few weeks and finally popped. 

My body and mind couldn't find any harmony last week.
I struggled at different levels, every single sweat session. I constantly felt like I was over exerting myself, even though, I wasn't doing anything out of the norm.

Friday after my run, my body decided it was done. 
Our last 10K Friday
7 miles 

These "episodes"...sigh
I have done pretty well this summer, until the past few weeks. These episodes usually occur in heat, or when I've experienced a harsh temperature change, ex...I have exhibited similar symptoms a few times after getting caught in a downpour. I went from over-heating to drenched, and that seems to make some sense, however, Friday, was one of the coolest days we enjoyed all summer. 63 degrees and 90% humidity when we started running. 69 degrees when we finished (very sunny), this should have felt dreamy, not like death. It's hard to describe how much I struggled. 
Soon after, chills, nausea, sweating, abdominal cramps, very odd stiffness all over, elevated heart rate, basically, I couldn't get out of bed from running seven miles. Ridiculous...
I felt fatigued all weekend. 
I am trying to muddle through and get back to "normal", but it is hard.

I have so many questions and no answers.

Is it really the heat?
My thyroid not regulating my body temp?
Some other unknown issue?
An injury brewing?
Cumulative fatigue

This sure has stolen my running mojo.

I ran a whopping two miles Tuesday a.m. before work, and didn't have the stamina to make it three. 

What the heck!?
Any wisdom, please share :) 

Please tell me something happy to distract me! 


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Liebster Time

Liebster AwardDarlene from My First 5K and More...recently answered some fun Liebster questions, you can read her answers here: Darlene's Liebster Post 
Thank you Darlene  for nominating me. 
My questions:

What is your dream job?
Vacation at the beach or the city?
What is your favorite food?
Red or white wine?
What is one thing you have accomplished on your bucket list?
Morning person or night owl?
If you could live anywhere for a year, where would it be?
Favorite race and why?
Favorite TV show?
How do you relax?

So, here we go! This is post number 200!

Dream job - well, as kid I dreamed about being Joy from Born Free,  although the movie broke my heart in so many ways, I loved the story. I dreamed about the close connection with the animals. 

I have always loved animals. 

Honestly, my real dream is to NOT have a job. 

Beach or city vacation? Neither! 
I am going to the mountains. 
From one of my trips to Flathead Lake, MT. 

Glacier National Park 

Fav food is hard.
I love guacamole, super cheesy pizza, linguine with lots of veggies, I like a lot of food! 

Wine, I love it all :) Not super dry, but dry over sweet for sure. 

Bucket list? I can't think about bucket list stuff, breaks me out in hives...

Morning person or night owl? 
I have to be a morning person now.  As a kid, I loved late nights. 

If I could live anywhere?! 
I took a picture of my dream house on one of my trips to Montana. 

 BC would be at the top of the list, as well.

Favorite race - Richmond for sure, Oh you didn't mean Nascar...

My first half marathon I was elated! I finished in 2:13:03 and I had never ran farther than 9.75 miles.

Crossing the line for my first half at High Bridge Trail 

Richmond 2014 was half marathon number three - It was a good one :) 

Favorite TV show? I honestly don't get to watch much now. I DVR Masters of Sex. My guilty pleasure was the crazy Bravo Housewives of OC and Beverly Hills, but I barely followed it this year. 
Favorite old shows - Johnny Carson, Carol Burnette, and The Mike Douglas Show.

Relax? Run :) 
Before I ran, I loved to walk long distances. I use to carry a cassette player and take multiple tapes with me. 

It makes my day to hear from you ❤ pick one or two, and leave your answers in the comments below. 
What kind of house do you love? Stone, log, brick, farmhouse, modern, etc...
Introvert or extrovert? 
Is there a running moment you replay in your mind often? 
What is your dream job? 
Vacation at the beach or the city? 
What is your favorite food? 
Red or white wine? 
What is one thing you have accomplished on your bucket list? 
Morning person or night owl? 
If you could live anywhere for a year, where would it be? 
Favorite race and why? 
Favorite TV show? 
How do you relax?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Wrapping Up, Moving On!

Link up - it is fun :) Hosted by two great ladies and make sure to stop by and read some other great posts. 

I posted yesterday about how I took two weeks and backed it down. Three full rest days each week, and I am feeling a lot better. So last week, I pushed it a bit. Maybe going in cycles, two hard weeks, and then a week with three full rest days. Who knows?! Maybe alternate weeks... always adjusting as needed. Getting old, and trying to find the balance that makes my heart happy, and keeps me healthy, is going to be an ongoing battle I guess. 

So here's how last week wrapped up...

Monday 4 mile run (38:31) cool day /stretching
Tuesday p.m.20 mile bike ride around the neighborhood
Wednesday a.m.5.5 mile run (56:42)/stretching
Thursday2 mile treadmill run - 90 minutes circuit workout and leg lifts
Friday a.m.10K run 66 min. ~ 3.5 mile walk with run buddy
Saturday a.m.3 mile run (29:00)
Saturday p.m.Cycling 5 miles - 75 min. heavy lifting
Sunday biked 25 miles with hubby 

I feel like I went a little crazy, but I do feel good :) 
I have not been my usual picture happy self the past few weeks, but I did snap this to explain why I rode the bike Tuesday night.

I am trying to give my shoulders a longer break between lifting sessions. Thursday night was a good work out that didn't leave me quite as sore. I love some free weight work, but machines are more controlled, so I am never as sore.  Hubby and I both felt like we had a great work out so it was a win.

The rolls - not imaginary, they are really there lol  I am now going to embrace them... if you read yesterdays post this will make more sense :) 

It was raining for 10K Friday with run buddy...I am not a rain runner, but luckily it stayed pretty light. 

I think this may have been our slowest all summer, 66 minutes....once upon a time, I could run a sub 60 10K, maybe by December again?? IDK, maybe never...

Run buddy and I only have one more Friday to do this together, between vacations and the change in our work schedules it has to end. We have run a 10K every Friday, for 10 weeks now, and I think we got slower each week, but I don't mind I am just happy we maintained something outside. 
Stretching my calf muscles on the steps, one of my favorite stretches  :) 
Saturday was my first morning with the half marathon training team. The run on my chart looks good, but it was my toughest moment all week. I'll post more about it another day. 
Saturday afternoon, hubby and I lifted heavy, which also cured my heavy mood from the morning.  He is making a lot progress with how much he can bench, and I was able to push my goal weight up on the Smith machine.  We both woke up sore Sunday lol. We decided we were due a good bike ride. It takes an hour to drive to the trail, but it's worth it:) Highbridge is a great place to ride and one day we will conquer the whole thing, but not when it's 87 degrees. 

It was so sunny, I had to stop a few times and flush my eyes, but we still managed 25 miles. 
Oh HA-AY, it's much more pleasant with sun on your back

This little gal was funny, very curious, and kept hanging around even as we inched closer

She finally decided we were boring...

Lunch! I love biking because you can stop and eat, can't do that on a run! I know the display looks obnoxious, but we ate a small breakfast and this was actually our lunch/dinner. I have this thing about onion rings.  I usually take a bite or two and suck the onion out.  I don't want to eat too much fried stuff, but just a little  tastes so good :) AND, yes I know, I have posted about how I can't lose weight. This is exactly my problem, I ate fairly conservative all week, I neeed a day like this every so often (like once a week). 
This is a testament to the gain my hubby has made in his fitness levels. I can barely keep up with him!! I struggled a little in the heat, but he was fine :) 
All and all, I feel good about last week, and I turn 49 today. I am not that excited about birthdays anymore, 49 years, I can't figure out where the time went. 

How was your week last week? 
Have you ever biked with an eating break? 
Have you maintained a good running base this summer or grown yours?