Monday, October 12, 2015

I Love Sunshine

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Sorry for the lengthy update, but I will be going on vacation later this week, so I probably won't post again till next week. 

Monday a.m.4.31 mile run and 10 min. cool down
Tuesday p.m.11.25 mile bike ride with Kenny in the park :)
Wednesday a.m.Bus loop speed work 5.11 mile run and 10 min. cool down
Thursday a.m.4 mile run and 12 min. cool down
Thursday p.m Cycling 5.11 miles and hour of upper body weight training
Friday Rest!
Saturday a.m.10 mile run and 1 mile walk
Saturday p.m.Cycling 4.5 miles and 40 min. core work/light weights
Sunday 30 mile bike ride with Kenny :) 
23.50 miles of running this week :)

Monday, after a week of rain, the sunshine finally came out!
However, my morning runs are by moonlight now, so I have to wait until after work to enjoy the sun.

I am looking kind of stiff here - maybe it is because my foot was still tingling. (from the cut)

Tuesday was the MOST beautiful day, the morning was glorious. I stood outside the entire time I did bus duty at work, the sunshine felt amazing.
My bus loop

Tuesday after work, we decided to take our bikes to the park and soak up some sun instead of going to the gym.

This is what happens when you hit the timer, but aren't ready...

There, that's better lol

Somehow, cats always find Kenny! At the park this little girl was waiting at our car after our bike ride...sorry, cutie, the Inn is full.

Wednesday I tackled bus loop speed work again...

On my way home my head band went flying off my head, I had to loop back and pick it up. I think I sweated it off.


At work I spent two hours chasing an escapee dog from our vet science class. It was craziness, we had some of our kids out searching and we talked to so many people, we were getting calls from the grocery store, Taco bell, and the carwash with dog spottings. I had my radio and was out driving and running after the dog. The dog crossed this busy road a few times and somehow survived. It was a miracle we got the dog back with just a few cuts from a fence...

I was exhausted after work.

I finally got my butt in the gym after work and did some upper body work.


I overslept and missed training team. I didn't start my run until 8:30 a.m.

I made a split second decision to go across a field and go to a no outlet road. It's a very rural road and I was pretty nervous, but I only had to maneuver about 7 cars. It was very curvy at some points, so I stayed to the yellow line and moved as I saw cars. I am not sure I will take that route again, I usually run in neighborhoods that have roads a little wider, but the new scenery was a nice distraction

Mile 2 - I was trying to capture a deer, but I didn't want to stop...that looks like a deer in the background, right?!

I have to leave my hair down when I run, a pony tail or wearing my hair up for too long gives me a headache. Even if I wear it up loose in a clip to work, my head will start to ache after a few hours. It is always a mangled mess after a run. I need to figure out a way to tame it so it doesn't get so knotted, that doesn't hurt my head...or cut it.

after 10 miles @ 9:53 avg. pace 

thrilled with my pace, but not with my foot

My foot started throbbing about mile 8, right under the ball of my foot. At one point I even paused a second and looked at the bottom of my shoe to see if a rock was stuck in the tread...nope, it was just my foot. I didn't want to stop and walk because I had a good pace going and I was close to the end. I guess I just stressed the tissue or muscle, it sure was annoying. I have some odd stiffness (Monday as I write this) running up the side of my leg, that is probably from me trying to wiggle and flex my toes trying to relieve the pressure I was feeling.  I love running, but it is always something...I sure hope this does not happen next week for my 11 mile long run.

Kenny and I took our bikes to a paved trail about an hour from our house.  My legs were hurting the first few miles, but then they magically started to loosen up. The trail we normally go to is limestone; a paved surface felt like a luxury ride. We took our time and enjoyed the sunshine. 

This spot looked kind of creepy, see the trailer in the middle of the woods, looked liked a scene from a slasher movie to us...

Chickahominy River

We rode over the big bridge 

The water is pretty high and muddy, storm aftermath and entire week of rain I guess. 

My legs survived 30 miles.  All I could think when I woke up Sunday was that I needed a rest day, but I am glad we spent the afternoon outdoors. My muscle soreness actually felt a lot better, after the ride, but the ball of my foot...mmmmph.

Ever felt throbbing under the ball of your foot that felt like a rock was stuck up in your shoe? 
Do you tie your hair up when you run?
Did you enjoy some outdoor sunshine time?


  1. Great job on your workouts. I could never go for a run without tying my hair up. I see ladies running w it down and I think to myself how is that not bothering them. My sweaty band doesn't budge no matter how sweaty I get. That's why I love that brand.

    1. That is good to know, I need to try sweaty band if it will stay on :) My hair is making me crazy now, it gets sweaty and sticks to the side of my face, neck, icky...

  2. Look at all the hard work you put in! You impress me lady!
    My head hurts with all the pony tails too & it wont stay up with clips... frustrating. Someone needs to make a product #milliondollaridea
    Enjoy your vacation!!!

    1. Thanks! I always get homesick, but i am looking forward to it :)
      I have tried clips when running and bounced them out lol It is a pain, I wish my head wasn't so sensitive. Your hair so thick, I can imagine a clip won't hold it.
      We need to work on that clip idea :)

  3. Your posts always crack me up because of your little funny comments. :) I saw a kitty on my run the other day. He was crossing the street behind my house. I saw him twice- grey and beautiful! He wasn't scared of me at all!

    I am so glad you found the dog! I would have been so scared.

    You got some great workouts in this week! I can't believe you can put your feet in sneakers with that cut on your foot! I wear my hair up ALWAYS for working out. In fact, I'd rather shave my head than wear it down!

    1. If he wasn't a scared kitty someone probably owns him :) I am guessing the rangers take care of the one we saw, because she was mighty friendly lol
      We were all worried were going to see the dog get hit or laying by the road. The dog belonged to one of our teachers, she was wreck, I felt so sorry for her, she actually got the dog back on the other side of that busy road after two hours.
      I padded up that cut with two bandages and antibiotic cream so I won't hurt the scab lol it felt better by long run day and then the stupid ball of foot my foot started hurting...arrrgh!
      I have considered shaving lol

    2. It looks like that little kitty has a collar on so hopefully she made her way home! Whenever I see a stray cat I have to look away really quickly. If I look at them for too long I make up a sad story in my head and then I feel miserable for not taking the cat home, but Adam says we are a one cat child household.

      You and Kenny are one good looking couple! I love the high five picture! :)

    3. Thanks Kristina :)
      I guess our little friend lives in the park, you know I forgot the rangers have homes on the property, I bet she is one of theirs lol I do the same thing, I can not look, I hear Sarah Mclachlan songs in my head...

  4. great week of running,etc. I LOVE sunshine too. Your pace is getting pretty speedy. I can't wear my hair down. I just stuff through the hole in a baseball hat. Yes, I had that pain for 131.1 miles in April but it went away. It's always something!

    1. Thanks Darlene :) I love Fall sunshine, it feels so amazing right now, I wish I could bottle it!
      I am speedy( for me) one day and sluggish the next..I wish I could get more consistent. maybe I need to try a hat again, it has been along time since I tried running in one, I gotta do something. I asked you on your blog if you did anything in particular to cure that foot pain(other than rest)

  5. Great week of running! Wow 30 miles! No wonder your foot hurts!

    Enjoy your vacation!

    1. Thanks! I am leaving Wednesday :)
      I have been icing my foot on and off all day, hopefully it'll cooperate tomorrow, we'll see...

  6. I usually run with a ponytail, but when it's cold I have just put a hat on and left my hair hanging down to cover my neck a little to keep me warmer. When I do that, only a little hair hangs out and it doesn't seem to tangle much. Hope you find a solution!

    1. Maybe I will try on hats this week :) usually when I grow my hair out I end up chopping it off though, I am not sure how long I will last.

  7. You had a busy week. So glad you were able to catch the dog without serious injury to it or you! Nice bike ride! It's been a few weeks since I've been on my bike and I miss it.

    1. It did feel busy lol The dog had her own little guardian angels, luckily!
      This is great bike riding weather :)

  8. Sunshine just makes everything better. I have had that pain where it feels like a pebble in your shoe, just under your toes. I had it during this training cycle on my right foot but it went away after a couple of weeks. (My left foot was the one that tanked!) I will occasionally run with my hair down in cold weather but it just goes everywhere. I sure appreciate you reaching out to me when I needed it most, my friend! (FYI - I missed you on the link??)

    1. I am still sad for you Holly, it is no fun to be injured.
      I am starting to think that pebble feeling may be bruised tissue, icing is helping, but it does annoy me it is lingering...I've had it come and go in the past a few times, but i had never had it quite that intense.
      I am often behind adding my link in because, I am blocked from so many sites here at work. it is good thing you remind me lol

  9. Nice workout week, Karen! Looks like you had a great bike adventure. I have to tie my hair back when it's long like it is now but I totally understand how you'd get a headache. I hope your foot is ok!

    1. Thank Marcia :) My foot is not cooperating as fast as I'd like, but i am trying to be patient and rest a few days, much harder to do than it is to say it!

  10. You are getting after it woman! Great week of workouts right there! I will braid my hair sometimes in loose pigtails, maybe you could experiment with braids. I sometimes will wear a bandana too. I do usually wear it up but during the summer when it's so hot I can not stand for it to be wet and hit the back of my neck and shoulders, so I put it up in a messy bun to run then.
    I think you were going so fast on your Wednesday run, you just ran out of your headband! :)

    I have been doing some reading up on foam rolling and all and ran across a video where they took a tennis ball and really worked the bottom of your feet. You may want to look into doing that, it may be just what you need for your food. Something to think about anyway. I hope you have a great vacation and I look forward to hearing about it next week! Thank you so much for your continued support in our Weekly Wrap link up, we sure appreciate you Karen!

    1. I have a clip I can wear my hair up to work in and it is fairly comfortable bit I tried running and bounces it right out lol I have not tried to braid my hair yet, i am not sure if I have enough skill. I am in need of tennis balls, I had a ball this summer I had to return to the classroom, but I just need to keep one here. It does feel really good to roll your foot over it :) You reminded me, I have been slacking at foam rolling again...
      I love the link up :)

  11. Aww man, I hate it when I feel like there is something in my shoe and it's just so phantom pain! Hope you feel better!

    And I hope the dog you caught is being treated well in class.

    Love the random cat encounter at the park! Hee hee!

    Have a great vacation!

    1. Thanks Kim :) I plan to relax a few days.
      I swear my foot feels bruised now, I have been icing and pouring oil on it and resting (boring). I hope I don't feel that again lol
      The doggy is doing well! We have new fencing now :) No one will escape now. We had kittens today :)

  12. I run with a lose ponytail and Sweaty Band headbands. They don't slip! I occasionally wear hats when it's cold or rainy out. Hats tend to give me a headache if I wear them for too long. Great week of training! Hope your foot feels better!

  13. Congratulations on a strong workout week! I've experienced weird pains in the bottom of my foot which I thought was something caught in my shoe but wasn't. It's so strange! I hope things clear up for you quickly!

    It sounds like you went through quite an adventure trying to catch that dog! So glad you were able to do so with only minor scrapes. I love that cat encounter, too. So adorable.

    I usually run with my hair in a ponytail, with some bobby pins to keep side strays at bay. I would love to wear a headband but I have bangs - and it doesn't work to smush the bangs out. =D

  14. Love the creepy woods picture, although call me weird I find it beautiful:)
    So sorry about the pain the the bottom of your foot. Hopefully it's nothing, but keep an eye on it, I haven't had Plantar, but I hear that it starts near that area. Sometimes I think foot pains come on for no reason, as things get pinched around with all the pounding we give them. Hopefully it was just a weird cramp that just needed to work it's way out!
    Good luck with your 11 miler!


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