Monday, November 2, 2015

Goodbye October

I am linking up today just so you know I am alive and kicking :) 

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October started on a low note. I had the ball of left foot with the bruised feeling sensation, and the cut on my right heel. I was trying to string together rest days to let it heal. It took longer than I thought, and it really impacted my short daily runs. I got my long runs done, but like I said in my runfessions, I was not 100%. 

I used the indoor and outdoor cycle options to make up for lost running time. I ended up biking 73 miles in October  :) Although, it doesn't feel quite the same, it does keep my hamstrings and glutes engaged. I do want to end up injured again, so I will do it and smile about it.

The month ended on a ♪ ♪ high note.  Halloween sangria while passing out candy, after a pretty good (pace)12 mile run, it didn't lack challenges though, recap coming... 

I slept eleven and a half hours Halloween night, my sleep needs have been crazy after my 10, 11, and 12 mile runs.
(、ン )☾★
I always struggle with fatigue, but it seemed especially rough this month. Vacation I slept a lot, and as soon as I started to feel relaxed, I had to get back on a plane, fly home, and go back to work...
I need more hiking time
Never enough time it seems, my own time, time I get to choose what I want do. I have been battling that emotion for quite some time, but that is a long story for some other day. 

I felt nervous throughout this month about my missed runs, but I still got 93 running miles in. I had hoped many of  those miles would have been speedier, but the truth is I basically limped through a good handful of those miles. Life just isn't going to be perfect.

Run buddy has lost about 20 lbs. since June. It has made quite a difference in her pace. My race plan may be to just try to keep up with her. She is much less labored at a 9:30 - 9:45 pace now. That pace is still basically killing me, it feels like 150% effort.  
run buddy and I were stuck at a train crossing during our 12 mile run 
This train was doing its own pace

Best moments of October ~ our 5K turned 4.4 mile race. This race really aggravated hubby's foot, but we got a great photo out of it! 

I  also got back to Montana to see my Mom, and Glacier National Park. My time there went waaaaaay to fast. Work 50 weeks so I can go somewhere I want to for a week? Hmmm, is that balance?

This is the road into my Mom's neighborhood - it makes me smile 

Anyway, the path there around Whitefish, MT is so amazing. I wish my foot would have been up for more running. It made me sad I was stuck in minimal mode. I loook forward to running there like you can't imagine.

 I need a path in my life like this at home

I never have to dodge turkeys at home, is that what they are? Seriously, just being free of traffic worries is what I look forward to. Whitefish upgraded and now there is more path you can run a lot of miles on! The path, the trees, the fresh air, the mountains, it is all so wonderful. 

It was so nice to sleep in on vacation and run late morning :) 
A section of path close to town is a slight downhill - it was awesome, all running should be so easy. Seriously, I can not do that normally! 

I made an effort to start my taper by meal prepping. I really want to eat healthy lunches, so I made a big pot of lentils with onions, carrots, squash, and red potatoes. Hubby suggested I use a a beef stew seasoning packet and it is pretty delish :)

I am not sure my picture looks very appetizing lol but I promise it is yummy.

Hmmm..looks like lentil mush lol 

I tend to make better eating choices when I have to plan to run long distances, etc...I tend to fall apart when I am working out less. Hopefully this taper, I can keep it together.

Oh, and my 12 mile run deserves it own recap.  
Urban running - got stuck at a train crossing (picture above), had to stop at several stop lights (crazy traffic), we ran through a building construction zone, jack hammers and huge machinery inches away from us,  and down to the river and back up the hill just because....look at that climb up, man I wanted to curse lol 

We almost got hit once because a cross walk sign was apparently malfunctioning. It was a bit crazy! I tried to pick up the pace the last few miles, and got so light headed I had to hold up a light pole for a few minutes at the end, my head felt detached from my body, but of course I made sure my watch beeped 12 miles first...priorities :) I kind of wanted to hurl when I was done. 

we survived our 12 mile adventure :) 

 This sums up my life....

...and I will miss you caramel apples - one of my favorite things about October

Do you love caramel apples?  How much Halloween candy did you consume? 
How do you do with taper eating? 
Did you have a low or high moment? or both?

Thanks for stopping by! I love reading all your comments. 

Have a wonderful week, 
Karen ❤  


  1. That sure is a great picture of you and your hubby in the "5k" haha! I have been sleeping like crazy lately too... not sure what is going on with me!

    For taper eating, I try to eat the same amount, by no junk food! I think your lentil mush looks GOOD!

    1. Thank you ")
      I love sleep, but really needing that much seems like a bit much.
      Lentil mush tasted good today, but I still ate a cookie, I have to get better!

  2. You had a great month. And your pace sounds speedy to me! You will rock this HALF!!!! I can feel it.

    I don't like caramel apples. I love Kit Kats and since we didn't get any trick or treaters, they're all mine.

    1. Thank you - I hope I can rock this half! My speedy runs have been very sparse lol
      Ha! Kit Kats are my hubby fav, so I don't even try to snag them. We didn't have many TOT kiddos either.

  3. Wow, busy month with ups and downs. LOVE your pictures from your vacation. Goegeous scenery. In France we have 6 weeks vacation, so work 46 weeks for 6 weeks off is definitely a ratio I prefer. It is probably THE reason I will stay in France. And vacation is so important here. I take time off regularly. Always something to look forward to.

    Hang in there !

    1. Thank you Karen :) I like the sounds of 6 weeks of vacation. I have an automatic break that is almost two weeks at Christmas and I do get about 20 days off a year, but I use to work a position that gave me summer off and I miss it. Of course, I do not miss the pay that went with it...I really do crave that two month stretch though.
      It is good to have something to look forward to!

  4. Are you still limping through your runs? I hope not! I am concerned about how horrible you felt at the end of that 12! I hope that doesn't happen again! Be safe!

    The trail from your vacation pics looks so fab. What a bummer you couldn't use it as much as you wanted!

    1. I am still not 100% but improved for sure. I think shorter runs will help until the 14th. I am going to try to make myself take a week off running after the half and see how I feel. I may need an accountability buddy :)
      I was light headed from pushing, it was only the last 2 miles, so I have started to resolve I am not in shape to go for a PR or anything crazy. I've had a lot of setbacks, so I will be okay with whatever happens :)

  5. You have had a wonderful October! I have so enjoyed (stalking) keeping up with you. ;) Girl, I have got to have my sleep too. It just helps me and believe me you do not want to be around me when I haven't had enough sleep! Those caramel apples are seriously making my mouth water right now. I didn't have that much candy, but I sure made up in drinks. Hey they were giving away free samples at the Saints game, Who Dat! I know what you mean about trying to maintain a 9:30-9:45 pace, I try to do it for 5k's but honestly I can't hold it long. I need to just quit putting so much pressure on myself and let my pace by mine. Hope you have a great week and thanks so much for linking up with us. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it!

    1. I love that we can connect IG. I have been a challenged blog poster, but I do love the link ups, it helped me make some new buds!!
      hehe, I love my drinks too, but wow, do they zap my energy, so I have to strategically drink on a my rest day or an easy day lol
      I use to be able to nail a 15K at a 9:30ish pace for a long time, but after this injury it just has not returned. I really wanted to try to, but I feel so much better a bit slower, so I am sure after this race is behind me I will ease up some. We should enjoy where we are :) we are moving!

  6. Glad the end of the mth got better for you. Cute pic of you two for the 5k. Beautiful pics from your mom's. Looks like you a had a great place to run. I am not huge into candy apples. The other wk during a trail race, I saw an ultra runner(walking at the time) eating one. I thought that was funny.

    1. Thank you :) The 5K was fun.
      That is funny, I can't imagine eating a caramel apple and running, but it is fast sugar lol
      I do love MT :)

  7. I think you will have a great race! You got your long runs in. And just look at that 12 miler with that huge hill. You had a great pace. Don't fret! I did not consume one piece of Halloween candy. I didn't buy any because I didn't think we were going to be at home. When the kids were little I got all of the Mounds and Almond Joys. I should go buy one for old times sake. That trail in MT looks wonderful. I wish we had something like that around here. I hope your foot is better! Enjoy your taper! Thanks for linking up with us, Karen!

    1. You know how it is, that humidity is still popping in quite often. My run tonight was fairly humid, a lot will depend on the temperature.
      I think I almost died coming up that hill lol It felt never ending...
      I am impressed, no candy! Coconut is my favorite :)
      I wish a path was here too.
      My darn foot is still not quite right, I felt it tonight. I just keep slathering oil on it, and icing, but not enough, I need to do it more the next few weeks.

  8. You and your hubs look so cute in that pix!!!

    You've got this run! Just do it!

    1. Thank you Wendy :)
      You know what the real issue is, I have three half's over the next six months. I really want to knock out a decent time and then I will not feel pressure doing the others lol I will just run and enjoy them. If I have a bad flop that "pressure" will continue to the next one.

  9. Yes, those are turkeys! I flushed out two different flocks of turkeys when I ran past them while visiting my mom. Such beautiful, graceful creatures - I kid!

    Hope your race goes well, and that your foot cooperates.

    Love the goldfish in the cat's martini! :-)

    1. I thought they were turkeys but then this city girl questioned herself lol
      The cat cartoon made me laugh, but that level of pampering ( goldfish in glass) is almost real!
      Thanks! I really hope this foot will calm down and I can have a happy day :)

  10. I have been to Whitefish, and I love it, your pictures reminded me of it's beauty! I was there during the 4th of July once and they did an incredible fireworks display on the lake, it was an awesome view no matter what part of the shore you watched from. It's some very pretty country up there!
    Sorry your foot is bothering you where you cant run exactly how you want to be. But sometimes a little is better than none to help the craving for it, right:) Hope you heal quick!!!

    1. That is so awesome you have been to Whitefish :) The lake is really pretty, I love running by there. We have been on a boat cruise a few years. Fireworks are always super cool n the water.
      I am a little worried I am going to end up injured (again), I hope rest calms this down.

  11. Whitefish looks stunning! Your lentil mush.. not so much, but I would still eat it! :)
    Your still running, even though it has been challenging. That is an accomplishment. Great job on the 12 miler!!

    1. I think Whitefish and Glacier would be right up your alley :)
      My lentil mush is scary, my friend at work laughs every day as I eat it...but it does taste fine lol
      I know you have been through the injury cycle, it is no fun. I may just need some solid days off after this race, I just hope I am not forced.
      I am trying to hang in there and balance it :)

  12. You had a great month! Your pictures from Montana look beautiful! I wish I had that view on my runs. I've been exhausted during my marathon training. I don't ever feel rested, despite 7-8 hours of sleep each night. I've been eating a lot more than I should too. I've been incredibly "rungry".

    1. Thanks Debra :)
      My neighborhood seems very boring after running in MT lol
      I know that feeling of not being rested, it is hard when your body 9 or 10 hours of sleep, they aren't enough hours in the day.
      Lentil mush will kill your appetite lol I have been eating it all week, and I am sick of it!

  13. Oh gosh, that path looks gorgeous! I was still recovering when we went to the Grand Canyon, and while I could hike, I really wish I had been able to run along the Rim Trail, so I know how you feel! LOL on having to wait for a train!

    1. See, don't you feel like you want to go back so you can run it?!
      It is good you could hike though, I love out door activity, I probably should have just walked more than I did.
      Oh, the just chugged on by lol took its time.

  14. Glacier National Park is so beautiful! What a treat to be able to visit and experience all of its grandeur.

    Biking 73 miles, woo hoo! I read somewhere that biking is one of the best cross-training exercises out there for runners. It really works the glutes, which is an area of frequent weakness for runners. Great job pushing through!

    You are going to ROCK your race!!!

    1. Glacier is a great experience, if you ever get out that way :)
      I love to hear that about biking! I am hoping that pushing these glutes will help.
      One week to race day, I am getting excited! Thanks!


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