Friday, November 6, 2015


This summer really changed my hydration habits. 

I cannot run without water anymore, particularly water with Nuun (love Lemon Lime or Strawberry Lemonade Nuun).  I cannot even do a short three mile run. I have tried a few times on my shorter morning runs, and I wanted to walk a mile and half in.

This summer I spent so much time outside, I guess it "ruined" me. In July, I logged 87 miles, and  70 were outside on the pavement. August I ran 95 miles, 85 miles were outside. The treadmill option just didn't work for me, it really irritated my left Tibia. In previous years, I typically did 45 - 60 miles on the treadmill, and just a few sprinkled runs a month outside. 

It’s odd when I think about how much things have changed.

The first few years I ran, I barely ever carried water with me, unless I was going to more than a 15K. I ran 8 and 9 miles all the time in the winter with nothing. It felt fairly easy, I hydrated daily and it seemed to work for me. Summer runs,  I would often just wet my whistle, as I was running by sprinklers. I often soaked my face too, SO refreshing :) I could not tolerate more than few ounces or else I would start getting an upset stomach. 
I would use my Nathan pack on hot days, and did most of my drinking on my cool down walks; as soon as I stopped running that queasy feeling that kept me from wanting to drink, would subside.

I had often carried a pack on walks and hikes and no issues drinking while working out, but running was so much different, that nauseous feeling always presented itself in the heat, for my first years of running. This past summer it finally improved a bit. I was often able to drink more than a liter of water with Nuun while running. 
My Nathan pack I carried all summer

Once in awhile, I had bouts of nausea, but not like previous years where it was non-stop. I think the Nuun really helped that, and my thyroid TSH levels improved just a few points, although still a bit below average.
The pack is okay for long runs, but filling and a cleaning a bladder for my shorter morning runs is too much; I am just too rushed in the a.m. before work. I kept searching for something easier. I tried several water belts (with bottles) and I could not get comfortable. I tried a Camelbak, a Nathan, Orange Mud, and IFitness, I finally caved and started carrying  a hand held.  It is so easy to grab and wash.

As the temps have cooled, (some days)  I had hoped to leave the hydration at home and enjoy some hands free, pack free running...but I can't do it. Even on my long run last week, (the training team supplies water stops) I was going to try to go hydration free, but I bailed at the last minute and carried my hand held, and drank every bit. 

My trusty little hand held

So here I am, almost to race time and I am nervous, you know how they say, don't do anything different race day...
but I really don't want to carry my handheld during the race. 
Last year the water stops at the race were frequent and offered Powerade and I was just fine, but things have changed. 
Taper week I run 3 miles, Tues., Wednes., and Thurs.  Saturday is race day.
I may just try to run without any Nuun and see how I do this week, but I am leery. 

What do you usually do? 
Do you carry your own hydration, or rely on what is provided? 
Do you like Nuun? 

hope you have a wonderful weekend! Any fun plans? 
What is your run plan? 

Thanks for stopping by, 
Karen  ❤  


  1. I don't use Nuun. I'm like the only person, I think! I've always relied on Gatorade Endurance (which I have to order!). I don't like to carry anything, you know me and my mailbox! I did rely on a Camelbak pack a few times this summer but I eventually got tired of the weight in all that heat. In a race, I want to feel as free and unencumbered as possible. What I have carried just a couple of times is a water bottle (just a regular water bottle like Dasani) mixed with whatever.
    That way, I can throw it away if I get tired of it or realize I don't need it. I could never do that with my fancy handheld. I'm excited for your race!

    1. I don't use Nuun either! The only thing I use is straight up water! :)

      I wear my hydration pack during races 10 miles +. I am running a 10 miler this weekend and plan on wearing my hydration pack so I don't have to slow down!

    2. Yes, I do remember your mailbox tip. I have tried that a few times. My pack will hold 2 liters, it did feel really heavy when I started, and the heat, I don't like to even think about how bad I felt lol I miss that unencumbered feeling!! I like that idea, just mix it in a throw away bottle, you are so smart...I may take a small amount and drink in the beginning. If it cooler, I can get away with less for sure, but who knows here. Thank you for the idea!

    3. Hey Megan :)
      That is a good point, sometimes water stops gets crowded and it does slow you down. Last year the volunteers were awesome about spreading out a long ways so you could just run by and grab, but there are the walkers...
      Go rock that 10 miler PR!

  2. No, I don't use Nuun. I never carry anything. Only in the summer when it is really hot, I stash my water.

    (Just read what HoHo said - that's me too.)

    That's why I love races. The water stops.

    Good luck in you race. You will rock it!

  3. I have a 15k on Sunday and then it's 4 weeks to go.

    1. I hope you have a great race! I love a 15K, a very favorite distance of mine :)
      Meee too, that is what I have loooked forward to the most in races, not needing anything! Maybe I am just getting too jittery lol worrying about my fueling dependence I have developed.

  4. I like Nuun. But I usually recover with it bc I like taking water w me on a run. Nuun and GU are not a good combination. I have the orange mud back pack I took for a 17 miler the other day and it worked just fine. I definitely like smaller handheld ones for my shorter ones.

    1. I can't do GU so I only use liquid or sport beans for races.
      I ordered the double barrel orange mud and I could not reach the bottles, I think my arms are too short. I even had the company guy on the phone helping me to adjust it. he wanted me to send the single barrel since I am short, but I didn't want to waste another vest. I feel guilty returning stuff. I like the handhelds more than I thought I would, I take it now all the time.

  5. You are right - don't change anything for race day! LOL! You still need the water!!!

    I don't care for nuun, but always carry water in the summer. For 3-4 milers now, I can get by without. I bring a vitamin water XXX for the long runs! :)

    Have a great race!

    1. I have developed a fueling dependence lol
      I found this summer straight water I would feel kind of queasy, but that seemed better with Nuun. I honestly didn't try anything else after it worked.
      We both like Vitamin Water we take when we bike.
      Thanks, I hope!!!

  6. I always carry my own. I think it stemmed from the first Chicago marathon I ran where they ran out of water and it was a billion degrees. Since then I have no trust.
    I resisted Nuun for a long time. But I started using it a couple of years ago. I love the Strawberry Lemonade too! Have a great race!

    1. That is a scary thought! SO far Richmond has not run out. I am tossing all this around :) I hope it gets cooler over the next few days, it was 80 today and it didn't feel fun.
      Thank you

  7. My body doesnt like Nunn... but my body is sensitive to most things... not shocking.

    I saw carry something - even if you get a throwaway bottle so you can carry just at the beginning maybe? because water stops are more frequent towards the end - maybe you can just carry your Nunn's? See if there is a map for water stops & see if you need to take a bottle.

    I actually like carrying a bottle - it keeps my hands from swelling as bad to grip something

    1. I love the throw away bottle idea. I may just mix like 16 oz. and toss it. They may get over that mental hump because I feel like I need it.
      You know my hands swell huge when I walk, but it does not happen so much to me running, weird...
      Truthfully , there are so many water stops I would probably be fine. I am having pre race jitters already.

  8. I hate carrying anything, but fortunately I can usually do ok without water for at least up to an hour. For some of my longer mid-week training runs this summer I was running by my work, which puts me by more parks, so I was able to just stop at water fountains a couple times throughout.

    On my long runs this summer I just planned routes to stop at my car - not ideal, but was the trade-off for not dealing with a bottle or pack during!

    1. Ha! I use to do the same thing when I ran trails, I would leave water and my car and run by and grab a drink lol I hated carrying anything...
      It is odd, I can not even make it 30 min. anymore with out something. It is not a bad habit, but once I hope I can this winter lol

  9. Love Nuun! Have you tried the Simple Hydration Bottle? It's what I use and carry it even during races.

  10. I like to carry my own water for a half marathon but not anything shorter. I hate stopping for water and I always put the water from the cups up my nose. I use a hydration pack and don't love it, but I am used to it. Nuun sometimes, but I prefer Cocogo.

    1. Those cups are always hard, I just get a few sips. I try to not stop and walk unless I am having a rough day. My last half I was dumping the water over my head trying to cool off lol it was easy aiming for head.
      I still have not tried Cocogo, i need to soon.

  11. I really dislike carrying water with me. Chicago was the first race I have ever wore my waist pack. At the end in Portland I remembered being super thirsty between aid stations and I didn't want to experience that again.

    When I first started racing I used to just grab one cup at each aid station and often found myself really thirsty. Now I grab two cups at each aid station which I think helps! I also make sure to get the majority of each cup down. If I spill most of one, I'll grab a third! Being greedy at aid stations makes racing so much more pleasant :)

    1. I like that - grab two :)
      Carrying stuff is such a pain, but lately it has been a necessary evil lol
      Whatever it takes, right!


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