Monday, March 28, 2016

Marching On...

Last week I was dedicated to my mission. Time. For. A. Change.
I made a big swing in the right direction. My snacking habit improved for sure. I slept better and I didn't go in the red everyday with my calories :) 

Monday4.01 mile run (41:36)
10 min. cool down/stretch
TuesdayArc machine (16:00)
Leg work out 70 min.
Wednesday Rest!
Thursday 4.01 mile run (42:50)
Walking 2.10 mi (36:22)
Friday Rest!
Saturday Biking around my neighborhood 10.26 mi (51:01) Stretching
Sunday Arc machine (18:00)
Upper body weights and core 100 min.  

I did have a hard time falling asleep Sunday night, but I fell asleep, and I stayed asleep.

Monday ....
I got up and decided to run, so I could start the week off on a high note. This selfie didn't really work out. It is dark out!

Whoop there it is :)  I couldn't see my watch, I just went with what felt manageable.  My foot was a bit sore later in the day, but it wasn't bad. I ran in my little flex shoes and they really aren't enough support. 

I went to the gym and did a leg work out. At the time I was questioning if I was pushing myself hard enough. Thursday, when I could still feel my quads going up and down the steps,  I decided the work out was good enough.

Rest day. 
I did take a break from my desk, and took a short walk and ran up and down the stairs a few extra times though. 

My new running shoes arrived in the mail...hear my sighing, yet another pair that didn't fit quite right. The search for shoes has been extremely frustrating. I have spent hours trying stuff on and nothing has been great. I started trying men's and they seem to work with my orthotics better in  7. 
I went out and picked up a pair of Nike's, then came home, and went for a run. 

Apparently, a stiffer sole isn't  going to work for me. It wasn't completely uncomfortable while I was running, but I felt clunky and my feet, both feet, felt fatigued. I gave up after a few miles, and actually returned the shoes the next day. The search for shoes continue.

I woke up and felt like I had gone back in time three months, my feet were sensitive and swollen. I was frustrated, but when I got in the shower I was completely freaked out. My right foot now looks like my left. My second toe is drifting, so the Capsulitis is progressing. You would think all the time I spent off my feet was enough to let the inflammation calm down, but no. 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was awesome. My kind of  movie, nothing blowing up, no stress, just laughter :)
A good distraction from my sore feet. 

Stupid feet...
My feet are feeling better,  but I am afraid to try to run again, so I will be back on the bike next week.

I finally found a pair of Dansko shoes that fit.  After three months, I am going to graduate out of sneakers at work...finally.

I have no idea when I will make it back to running.  It is quite bothersome, but I still managed to keep my diet going in a good direction, I am still sleeping okay, and I have new shoes, so I am marching on...

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 Join in the fun and share something from your week! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bicycle ♪ Bicycle ♪ Bicycle ♬

I am not sure I even qualify as a novice cyclist. I am total nerd. 

My bike is about as basic as you can get, except for my upgraded gel seat (。◕‿◕。)

These are my favorite biking shoes. Yep, My Newton running shoes. Nerd...
We do have a bike rack, I was convinced my bike would fly off in to traffic when I first started hauling my bike to the park, but the bungee cords helps the confidence. 

These are my "bike shorts", they don't have padding. Who labels something bike shorts with no padding?! 
¯\_()_/¯  I am so dumb, I bought 'em.
Everything else I have on is running clothing. 
I finally got a pair of shorts with padding after I had my bike several weeks. They are pretty darn short, too short for biking really, but I didn't realize that when I purchased them, because of that novice problem. I body glide now, but the first few times I did a longer ride my legs chafed from rubbing against the seat as I pedaled.
Compression socks, tank, shoes, all running gear. lol 

When I take my bike to the park I feel like all the real cyclists are laughing at me. A few nice riders I chatted with once in the parking lot, let me sit on a big mountain bike with fancy springs, a super padded seat. and a big price tag. 
It felt like a Cadillac with all the bells and whistles, crazy comfortable compared to my ride. 

I often pass trail riders when I am walking or running at the park, and I am always envious. My bike is labeled a hybrid, but really it needs a pretty smooth surface or you might die trying to pedal it. 

The trail (pictured below) is High Bridge, it is limestone, and that is as rough as my bike can handle. 

At the time I purchased my bike, I just wanted to be able to hang out and enjoy rides with my hubby and we both needed bikes, so I didn't want to bust the bank, and this bike has served me pretty well.

I have finally figured out how to use the 7 speeds on the right, but to be honest, I have not figured out the three speed shifter on the left, so it always stays in two. Nerd. 

The thought of 18 gears, and more speed options, being clipped in, and riding in pace-line drafting together, even leaning in, just seem a bit overwhelming to me. I may never clip these feet...
Shoot, I may never get past being this novice. 

I recently was invited to attend a group ride and I was excited at first, but backed out. 
Sometimes they meet at trails and I don't have a bike for that, but I won't ride on highly traveled streets either. If they ever go to a paved trail I want to go, but there is no way I can keep up with someone on a $1500 Cannondale. I have made good use of my little $200 Diamondback, but it is like having a spork when everyone else shows up with real silver wear. 

The permanency of the situation with my feet, means I will need to depend on my bike a lot more. I feel the need to upgrade is coming. 
The park close to me has miles of technical trails I can't use right now. I stick to the paved camping roads or just bike around my neighborhood, staying clear of busy roads. A trail bike would open up miles of technical trails, close to home. 

So the need/want list grows...
I hope I can upgrade in the next year. 
I'll still be a nerd though

What kind of cyclist are you ? 
Relate to any of this? 
Clipped in? 
Tips and advice always welcome!! Fire away 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Time. For. A. Change.

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Warning, this is recap of a sleep deprived, cognitively challenged individual trying to stay on a fitness journey. Not my best moments being shared here. (this week)

I need to sleeeeep! 

I had issues sleeping (again) last week. 
Night after night, no matter what I  took. 

Why is this stuff showing up in my IG timeline when I can't sleep.  
Sleeping less than four hours will age you fast, this just adds to the sleeplessness anxiety. 

Mondayrest and way too much eating!
Tuesday Treadmill 2.01 mi (21:01)
core work (45 min.)
walking outside 3.28 (56:27)
WednesdayWalking and talking 5 mi (1:29:18) ran 1 mi (10:29)
Thursdayrest and a ridiculous amount of eating
FridayBiking around my neighborhood 17.05 mi (1:30:35)
SaturdayBiking around my neighborhood 7.56 mi (30:34)
upper body weights 75 min.
Sunday and another rest day (sigh)

I am obsessed with this tree. When the wind blows it looks amazing, my picture doesn't do it justice. 

I tested out the treadmill Tuesday. Maybe it was lack of sleep, but this felt draining...
I use 1% incline and you would have thought I was running up a mountain. 

Girl's night with run buddy. I had not seen her in a few weeks. Walking is our party. 
I ran a mile after our walk. 
Great song, but I wonder what the heck this picture means every time this song pops up on my PL

Even after six miles Wednesday evening, I couldn't stay asleep all night. I wanted to cry...

I was like a zombie heading into work Thursday...
and of course there is always something to tempt me, but I made it through the day without eating any cupcakes. Totally blew that later...

The green beer did not keep me asleep all night either. 
Sonic only charges $1 for drinks at 6:45 a.m. - I said, "Give me two!" ugh...when I fall off the wagon, I fall bad. 

I have only indulged in diet soda a few times the past three months, but being tired and grumpy got the best of me. 

Friday, when the button on my pants hurt my belly, I said enough.

Operation Time. For. A. Change.

I went for a good ride after work around the neighborhood. (hilly)  

I woke up and went for a bike around the neighborhood again. 
Later, the hubs and I went to gym. 

I had every intention of going to the gym to work legs, but my head hurt and I felt kind of blah. Medicine started to kick it by 4ish, but I just declared it a rest day. I can do legs tomorrow. Eating - very reasonable :) I didn't fall apart because I didn't work out. 

Lack of sleep the past few weeks has been a big contributor to my weight issues. 7 lbs now...ugh.

The past few weeks: 

  • two extra servings of pretzels late night 
  • extra tablespoons of peanut butter on my banana
  • appetizers and soup....sure, why not?
  • sure another cocktail is fine (because I can't get up and run) 

I been eating all the food, plus some. 

This weekend went much better. I am gaining control.  

A little runfession...sorry Marcia, I am early with this one. 

The marathon I hoped to run was March 13th. Instead of crossing a finish line, I am more out of shape than ever (my own fault) and it just ate me up a bit. I can't change that I am still NOT a marathoner right now, but I don't have to be getting all roly poly. 
Among other things, I think this played a big part in my lack of sleep. I am trying to be over it. 

Do you catch yourself snacking and eating more when you are tired? 
Who else had green beer St. Patty's day? 
Sleeping well lately? 
How was your week? 

I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by    

Friday, March 18, 2016

Hitting Reset

Some say this attribution to Albert Einstein for the quote is incorrect, some say Ben Franklin said it.  
I am not sure, but I know concept makes sense to me.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to come out different seems to be a little crazy, yet that is exactly what I have been doing. I have been lax with my diet, lax with tracking, lax with my work outs. 

I have not slept well for a few weeks now and that is contributing to my sloppy behavior for sure, but I can control my choices, I just couldn't find the will this week.

I found a little piece of my will this morning as I struggled to leave the house. 
I don't want to struggle. I want to feel in control, and I am going to take control. 

The extra weight I am carrying is making me ruminate in gloominess. I don't like gloominess. 

I am hitting the reset button. I can be strong. I can see unicorns, even if it is going to rain all weekend. I mean, really? Trapped inside all week while it was beautiful, and rain all weekend. Sometimes life isn't fair peeps. 


Life is too short to wear tight pants. That is going to be new mantra...

Please Lord, let my resolve stay strong. 

Do you have any fun weekend plans? 
Any reset tips? 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 


Sunday, March 13, 2016

We Skipped Spring, and I Ran Finally!

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Since this seems to be my one post of the week, these tend to get too wordy, I try to condense it, but a lot goes on and I am trying to stuff it all in one post! 

This book is awesome.
If you are a trainer, a coach, or injury prone, as I seem to be,  (even though I hate to freaking admit it,) or you have a chronic area that tightens and aches, this book is for you.

The writer got into health care to learn how to maintain being a healthy runner because he was plagued with injury when he was young. He does a good job of making complex things easier to grasp. I most appreciated the guidelines he lays out (in steps) to help you figure out your weakest areas without getting all hooked up in a lab.

Another thing I loved, he promotes doing what comes natural...heel striker, mid footer striker, it doesn't matter so much, what really hurts us is the way we compensate for a weak area. 

Probably my best take away from this book is, rest for some issues will never be the answer. Tissues and tendons need the load on them to stay strong, and form is everything. 

My left hamstring has been my nemesis area for almost a year now. This entire time I have been off running it continues to plague me, so obviously rest isn't the fix, but I am working on it and it is improving.  
It is a good book!

Changing gyms is a funny challenge. I am slowly getting used to the new equipment, but it is throwing me a bit...
I totally needed a break from the bike, so circuit training has been fun this week.
My work outs aren't feeling super stellar, but I am sure they will once I adjust to all the new :)

TuesdayCircuit Training (40:44)
Stretching, leg lifts, upper body (42:04)
Wednesday rest again...
Thursday Circuit Training (38:01)
15 min. Core Work
Friday Walking w/ one minute run intervals 7.08 miles (1:37:52) Stretching
Saturday Cycling 8 miles (31:56)
Core Work 17 min.
Leg Weights 32 min.
Sunday Half mile warm up - 5K run (30:48) Walking 1.50 miles (23:37) Stationary Bike 3.50 miles (15:31) 75 min. upper body weight training

I tried balancing on the ball this week, I will tell you I didn't look like the gal in this picture. I was a wobbly mess...
Bridges were a heck of a lot easier...

I saw my Doc Friday and he really didn't like how my Brooks Connect are fitting with my orthotics...orthodics(?) you know, these things pictured below...

The inserts are a challenge to fit in A LOT of my shoes actually.

I went and tried on Hokas, Mizunos, Adias, Asics, and New Balance in several different models, and it was a bit discouraging. The inserts tend to make me roll out and most things were not fitting much better than my Brooks. A lot shoes put too much pressure on my toes because the inserts raise my foot.
I tried to to go without wearing them a few times last week and my feet were burning, so I do feel confident they really make a positive difference for me, I just need to find the right shoe. 

Saturday, Kenny and I went to Dick's to try on more shoes. The Doc wants me to spend one more month in sneakers at work and hopefully I will be over the hump.
I decided to try any random thing. Under Armour, had nothing, but Nike surprisingly did. I will tell you I am not a Nike fan, but the shoe I tried fit my inserts pretty well. 

I decided Sunday morning I would try a short run. These are structured so different from what I am use to, and I was pleasantly surprised.  

 I ran a 5K (A RUN!!)  in my Nike Flex Supreme TR 4 shoes
 I had to get them as plain as possible so they will be less noticeable at work

It wasn't a perfect run, but I had minimal outcries from my feet, and my feet didn't swell like they have on my previous attempts, so I feel a tiny bit victorious today.

I had my timer but I decided not to use it.

Fatigue kicked in at 2.65 miles. I decided I could keep my feet under me, land softly, and make it to the 5K point. 

I guess the lack of  endurance is to be expected after two months off, and I am carrying about 6 extra pounds. I don't feel too discouraged though, it was very hot and sticky out, and most of you know that is a challenge for me even when I am "in shape".

I showered, ate, and had a break before I went to the gym to get my upper body work done. My left foot was sore.  I was limping a bit, but my feet didn't swell and there was no specific pain, just tenderness.

The feet are hard to figure out, after my walk with run intervals (one minute run) on Friday my foot really swelled, however Saturday when I woke up, my foot felt better than it had all week.  
I still need to be careful about how much time I spend on my feet, but overall I think I made progress this week. 

I leave you with our Saturday night fun...

Hubby took this picture of Junior, he is our little Derek Zoolander. Anyone get the reference?

Anyone see the MSQRD app on Jimmy Kimmel?
Anyone ever run in Nike shoes? 
Have you ever had to adjust to a new gym? and realize you were attached to equipment? LOL

Thanks for stopping by! 
I'll be back to blog reading this week and I will be glad to catch up with you all soon.