Friday, July 1, 2016

June In A Blink

Injury doesn't really seem like the proper word for my situation anymore, but I haven't come up with anything better yet to describe it.
Sorry for the mini rant...
The plantar fat pad under my foot is thinning (has thinned). The fat I actually want and need on my body is going away, however, I am really good at growing an abundance of body fat in every. other. place. on my being...just not the one place I could really use it! The irony!!!
Anyway, I still have the sensation of  bone to pavement if I go without my orthotics, even for a short time, and my toes will let me know if I push it too much,  so really,  I marvel at how much I have been able to run lately.

My number one goal for June was to figure out, how much impact I can handle without repercussions. I don't want my toes any more mangled.

When the Doc said go, I tried, but to be honest March, was probably a little soon in the healing process. I would run, get nervous at how much my feet hurt, take a long time off, try again...
I ran 18 miles in March. 

April, I tried to run 3 or 4 times a week and a lot of my runs were intervals (I ran two races with intervals) No real racing involved though, just survival.

When May rolled around I kept to much shorter distances (except for one half with HoHo, that I walked a lot of)

I needed to rebuild.  I felt so weak, especially in May, I felt a huge decline in my fitness and endurance capabilities.

I made some specific June goals
  • Run 3 x's a week (and check toes obsessively)
  • Two runs a week non-stop, preferably 4-6 miles each
  • One longer run each week with intervals easy paced
  • Work on controlling my heart rate better in the heat
  • Adjust goals to more intervals anytime the feet revolt
  • Do some push ups! 

This month a change in me took place. I have always been, a run off feel kind of person. I typically would find what felt sustainable on any given day, and would push up to that limit. This month, I have really worked on not being in the red zone my entire work out. I am getting better at it, I often spend almost equal amounts of time in zone 4 and 5 throughout a run.

I also learned getting wet helps me tremendously with regulating my body temp. I have always enjoyed going through a sprinkler and letting hit my arms and legs a little to cool off, but I have taken it to a whole new level.  I go intentionally slow now, and get my back and head, good and wet, and it does wonders. Why didn't I do this a few years ago? I am actually enjoying some of my summer runs! I bet when people pass me dripping they think I am sweating...gross, LOL  maybe that is why no one ever speaks!

My runs in the beginning of the month were hard! Many, many times, I was not sure I would ever be able to handle 5 or 6 miles of steady running again. I could barely tug myself through 3 or 4 miles. It bugged me how weak I felt, but you all know I am kind of hard-headed, I was determined to try to get "back" some of what I lost.

I realize NOW, that  may never happen, and I am actually in a good place of acceptance with it all, but that is a post for another day.

Anyway, I have struggled a bit with the snooze button, seriously, freaking 4:45 a.m. is so early! However, knowing my feet are going to hurt no matter if I run 3 miles or 6, has motivated me to get up and get going. I need to make the most of the time I spend on my feet.

As this month closes, I actually feel more confident that I can keep myself moving for 5 or 6 miles, and I am relaxing and enjoying my runs.

 I didn't do as well with:
  • One longer run each week, with intervals easy paced
Looking back, my goal list sounded simple to me, but honestly, I never felt good enough to do a "longer" run. I really just needed to get some strength back. 

Overall, I feel like June has been a success.
All the days with checks, I met my goals! I ran 4-6 miles.
The happy face days, I did intervals.

I am slower than I use to be for sure, but that doesn't bother me right now. I am really content to have a regualr routine going again :) I actually ran 79 miles in June. I was stunned when I checked.

As I head into July, I plan to stick with three runs a week.

  • one 5 mile run
  • one 6 mile run
  • one interval "longer run" 

I still want to see if my feet will tolerate a higher mileage run, but I didn't want to rush the jump in mileage in June. Hopefully, July will reveal the answer if double digits will work for me.

Oh, and that push up goal...

the last day of June I took a walk and did 6 sets of 15 :) and of course, I threw in 10 more to close the month with an even 100 :) Thanks Marcia, and all my push up buds, for the motivation :)

I sure I hope can conquer the snooze button in July, because in a blink it'll be August!

How do you feel June went for you? 
What are your July goals?


  1. Awesome! It is terresting in your sharing. ^^ In last months, i ran at least 25 miles per week. In July, i hope that i can improve my level anymore. :)

  2. I am glad you had better running in June, Karen! :) It is so hard to run in the heat. I felt like I lost a lot of fitness taking time off for my PF, but then yesterday I ran relatively early with no heat or humidity and it just felt soooooo much easier! I really think the humidity and that shit had a lot to do with why my runs were so hard. I hope you conquer the snooze and can do the higher mileage runs in July!

    1. Yay for a good run!
      I do think pushing through the heat and humidity gives you some gains in Fall, but it is not my favorite thing for sure. I have found the more the dew point goes up, the heavier I feel, it doesn't seem to do that to everyone, but it does seem to impact a lot of people.
      That snooze button on work days I can deal with (usually), but on the weekend sleeping until 6 a.m. is nice but then all the sprinklers are off :(

  3. Glad to read the positivity in this post ! With my pesky leg problem, which was no comparison to your foot issue but pet me sidetracked anyway, it was so frustrating. Now that I am running again, I am taking it slow, don't want to overdo.
    And I find I can not focus on too many things at once. Running + strength training + planking, etc. I need one major focus and if I can do something else, great. Have a great weekend !

    1. Thanks Karen. It is hard to not be able to get up, and do what you want for sure!
      I am finding my limits pretty easily, as I type this with sore feet lol I am trying to test things slowly :)
      I am the same way, I just need to focus on one thing. I make myself crazy trying to have too many goals.

  4. Glad to hear your foot has been doing better and you had a good mth for June. I can't believe it is July already. Where does the time go? Great job with all your pushups. I need to start doing doing them more.

    1. Thanks! June went so fast, I am happy most of it was good :)
      Push ups were an easy thing to keep up with they did kind of replace all my other upper body work though lol

  5. Those push-ups are so impressive! You had a great June and should be very proud. Good question. What should we call old injuries? I think you'll have an awesome July too.

    1. Thanks Holly :)
      I am still trying to figure out the proper descriptive. My stress fracture was an injury, it healed, I moved on...this stuff is just going to be on-going I guess.
      I am working on a good July :)

  6. I have no idea if my foot-fat is lacking, but I think that would explain why I always like really padded shoes. When I can feel the pavement under my feet, it's just downright painful for me! I always wonder how people deal with that.

    I've been enjoying sprinklers, too! My husband teases me because he's sure the water is reclaimed and unsafe but I'm not DRINKING it! haha

    1. I don't think everyone feels that bone to pavement to sensation, but it would be interesting to poll some runners!
      If you do feel it, keep the feet padded and spend recovery time in something padded :)
      I've always had sensitive feet and this thinning problem for me has contributed to the ligaments stretching (capsulitis) a lot of this is common with aging - oh, Joy! Like with so many things, early prevention is the best thing. Pad up :)
      Hmmm, I actually refill my water bottle from time to time lol I don't think I have any reclaimed sources here though...I think...

  7. Oh Karen, I am right there with you with this foot thing. Going on 9 months with PF and having a major flare this week. I am SO TIRED OF IT! Ok. rant over. But I am. Like you, I'm having to completely reevaluate everything. I'm glad I got to do Big Sur. But I wonder if that will be my last long distance race. I sure hope not.

    We'll always have planks and squats, tho...

    1. That stinks, it just won't go away. PF is a mysterious condition about what will aggravate it.
      From the start of the first really bad pain, I am about 8 months in too, it is crazy when I think if how long this had been controlling my fun!
      I am glad you got to do Big Sur and you did it in such a great way! I hope it is not your last one.

  8. Goals? We're supposed to have goals, LOL? I didn't meet my one goal for June (which had nothing to do with running), but I sure worked on it.

    The last 2 months have been very busy for me, with vacations, racecations, family time, daytrips . . . July should calm down. I think.

    79 miles. While not actually training for anything. Wow!

    1. Ha! We don't have to have goals, but it does help me to have a focus. Trust me when I say, I have been tempted to lay on the sofa and become a reality TV junkie.
      I say for everything there is a season, someone way wiser than me wrote that ;)
      You just had a busy season.
      60 - 80 miles was the average month for me before I got hurt. I am not sure if I will be able to consistently hold that mileage...we'll see.

  9. I am so very happy your running is coming back and your feet are cooperating with you! I had a great month of June in terms of my running, cycling, swimming and weight training. I just want to get out there and do what I love and stay injury free! I am in awe of those that run after about 7 am! I am so used to temps in the 50-60s with no sun beating down on me (but I am still hot and am not ever mad if a sprinkler gets me wet) I feel the heat would kill me. I love summer!

    1. Thanks Susan :)
      That is good you had a fulfilling month! That is a good thing to feel eager to get out there.
      June is usually not a great month for me, but I feel like I did rebuild some strength, so I feel pretty good about that.
      I wish I could feel something in the 50 or low 60's lol

    2. Don't see yourself short--you dd amazing!! Keep it up, girl.

  10. So sorry about your foot issues! It sounds like you are figuring out how you can do what you can. LOL on the sprinklers - they will cool you off for sure. It's probably better not to be in your red HR zone all the time, although I usually am too. :-/

    1. I am surprised at how much better I feel on a run now, when I split the time in the red and orange zone :) it takes some work just in a different way lol

  11. It's great that you're finally able to add a more mileage to your running routine, and what a pleasant surprise when your running mileage totaled more than you expected. I hope your feet continue to cooperate and you're able to get back to where you once were and quickly!

    1. Thanks! I am trying to work on but getting greedy lol some days are easier than others :)

  12. Karen,
    I'm sorry to hear about your foot issues! But I'm so glad you got out there and did 79 miles! that is amazing! I hope you find a solution to your foot pain!

    1. Thanks Ana! I am trying to work through it and figure it out. Some days are better than others!


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