Monday, August 29, 2016

A Little Bit of Speed

I am sorry I took so long to respond to comments this past week. I always feel guilty! If I seemed AWOL last week, I promise I am not ignoring your posts, I will be back :)

Work is always like this for the first few weeks of school pre-opening and opening. I struggle to keep up and go home mentally exhausted. We had orientations and have another this week and it was Karen set up, Karen make copies, Karen I need numbers, Karen log this, Karen make these calls, Karen give a tour, meetings, training, etc...this too shall pass. I shut down when I get home...literally.
Even when I tried to escape and run to the ladies room, I heard my name being called! LOL

Thursday when I came home, I ate dinner my wonderful hubs cooked, cleaned up, and fell asleep within an hour. I woke up at 1 a.m. and wrote my runfession post LOL I kid not when I say I struggle. I will always be back though!

Part of my issue was running 26 miles by Thursday LOL
No wonder I was tired.

Spry Six
6.26 mi
Stretching -
Accelerated 7 7.01 mi
Stretching - 0:05:30

No excuse - just lazy
Half Time
13.11 mi
Stretching - 0:08:03

Warm Up/Leg Lifts -
Upper Body Work -
Biking -
10.45 mi

Not feeling

I have developed a new fear...I thought it was a bit irrational,but then  about a trail with an aggressive owlLast week on my morning runs the owl started really getting loud when I am running by. Monday he scared me, the "who" sounded like it was getting closer. I kept thinking about those massive claws and ran faster. I was like can't outrun the owl, he can flow about 40 MPH, I couldn't even out bike him. I goggled owl attacks and found out they typically go completely silent, so I guess the owl is just trying to warn me to move along?? Scary!

I couldn't find the lid to my hand held so I ran w/o hydration and I not use to it! Thank goodness, it was a good morning. Sunday night we had a storm, and for once it took the dew point below 75. It truly felt amazing out! 68 degrees is still pretty warm, but so much better since the humidity was lower. I found a sprinkler about half way and got a handful of water and got my back very wet. It felt so good I was singing out loud! Literally :)  I even tried to run a few fast steps. These legs didn't have much zip, but I felt inspired for the first time in months.

It was more humid, but still cooler so I decided to try a little faster running and I found my lid! I had hydration :)
Ran .25 mile pick ups. I did them at the end of each mile.
I was so nervous about how fatigued I would feel picking up the pace, so I took it really easy in the beginning and toward the end I really started finding a good rhythm. My muscles felt pretty spent after this - picking it up really challenged me, but my head felt amazing! I was filled with a sense of hope that better things are coming if I can just hang on.

If you saw my August Runfession post you know I ran 13.1 miles before work.

Jetting in the door to get ready for work! 

I felt great after this run. My feet did fairly well and I was super busy when I got to work running around, it was nice I didn't have to sit all day. Running a half and not feeling wiped out was a win! I thought I was home free. Oddly, the next day I had some very intense deep pains in my right toes. It passed after a few hours, but it concerns me. I wonder how far past 13 miles I can make it without causing any harm. I won't find out for a few weeks, until I cross that distance again. 

I did rub a raw spot on this run, other than that it was a happy 13. I was grateful to get this done before the crazy heat came back...and back it is! Full force.

What a week. I will be spacing out my runs out this week LOL

Kudos to all you doing speed-work in the heat. I will put that on hold until the heat and humidity take leave.

Fear of owls? 
How was your week? 

I am linking up with my awesome running gal pals for the Weekly Wrap

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I hope you have a wonderful week!

Friday, August 26, 2016

August Runfessions

On the last Friday of the month, I finally got a post ready to link-up with Marcia to share my runfessions!

August came with great mental fatigue and just when my resiliency was at the moment of crumble,
I was so blessed this week to have a few runs that weren't in the 75 - 80+ degree range. It was LIFE changing. I am not kidding, I was hanging by a thread, I was at my limit with scorcher runs.

I runfess after my long run last week, I had decided I wasn't going to put myself through the heat misery anymore. My resolve, my goals, my optimism, all of it, just seemed silly. I was melting down.

Then when I woke up Monday at 5:00 a.m. and it was 68 degrees.
Normally, I don't even like 68, but I was so thrilled for any reprieve I enjoyed my morning :)

I runfess some strange anger melted away. Is is silly to feel angry over being hot?! Yes! but three months in, I was done trying to stay positive and smile through it...

Monday inspired me to push out a little speed session on Tuesday morning, and it breathed life and a sense of hope into me that better things are coming.
I runfess I felt a bit manic. I went from, I quit. To setting new goals.

I runfess I kind of went on a binge this week and crammed all my running in because of the forecast.

Thursday morning it was 67 degrees and I got a half marathon done before I went to work!
The temp didn't help my pace at all, but at least I didn't feel like jumping off a there's that ㋡

I runfess I went into work late in the best mood. I should take a few personal hours late every week to run.

(、ン )☾★ 


I had to hustle when I got to work, but it was totally worth it. ❤
I runfess I get a strange sense of satisfaction when I see all that orange :) A few degrees make a big difference in how hard my heart is pounding.

The weather man warned the humidity and heat would be back full blaze on Friday, and he was right. I just opened my door to take the trash out and it is so humid you can't breathe. Big SIGH.

I runfess I still love to run, but I am so glad I can take the next few days off!

Have you ever gone in late just because you needed or wanted to run?
As August winds down are feeling inspired or worn out?

Monday, August 22, 2016

No Crying Over a Few Missed Miles

Before I jump into running stuff, I have to tell you I was so entertained by my 13 year old toothless cat. The neighbors dog came to visit and Tweek was the only cat in sight. He bucked up and hissed. I have no idea what his plan was...maybe gumming a paw... but he stood his ground and didn't run. LOL Diesel lives with cats, he was not phased.

Made my day. I couldn't stop chuckling, who knew my orange butterball was so tough. 

On to running. This shirt says it all. I love running. I love it not. 

I had mentioned my notoriously achy left hammie finally got to a happy place after dealing with it for months on and off.  I stopped feeling tight and achy in the area after diligence for weeks stretching it. 

Anatomy for Runners helped me in many ways, but most of all taught me to not give up. Flexibility progress and results are pretty slow. 

The persistently deep ache, turned to tightness, then would morph from one phase to the next. I could feel it was going in the right direction, but it took almost four months before I started to have days where I didn't even notice it. 

 After a few really good weeks of feeling pretty strong, an area between my glute and hammie started getting tight. It was tight on runs, a very odd sensation because it is a strange area, and sometimes I would feel it later in the day the next day... sometimes the next day. You know the drill that niggle that just keeps popping up. I hate when I start feeling anything reoccurring like that! 

So, I started rolling it on my ball a bit trying to break loose whatever it was. 

The week before, when I ran back to back days, I noticed the feeling almost disappeared. I was excited! I mean who wants a niggle right? So I ran back to back again last week. 

Week before  - I ran 6 on Friday and 8 on Saturday 
Last week -  6 on Tuesday and 5 on Wednesday

Both times the second run, although slower paced, felt so much better. My legs felt looser, that tightness let up, and it is a good feeling when you start a run not sure how it will go and you come out better for it, right!

It takes awhile to figure out if things are truly a pattern because there are so many factors impacting you while you run. 

I am tempted to run back to back days this week, so I can figure out if there is really a benefit to be reaped, as opposed to Mon. Wednes. Sat. or Tues. Thurs. Sat.  Think it was just a fluke? 

I do have moments of pain in my feet when I do this, but it passes and so far my recovery has been fairly typical for me. 

Running 3 days a week does feel a little limiting at times, but honestly it has been so hot, most days I am okay with it!
Every so often I really miss being able to get out for a short quick run.

Typically, if I am getting dressed to get sweaty I always think I may as well get at least 5 miles.  I am trying to not get too greedy with my runs, but I do get the urge to sneak in that 4th little short run. I miss 5K's. SO far I have resisted, but I am sure one of these days I will cave. (probably when it is cooler!)

For now, I am focused on building some distance endurance, so I try to make my runs count. I need to win over the snooze button. 
Biking - 13.38 mi 1:02:28
Sticky Six
6.01 mi

Cool Down 0:07:06
Foggy Five
5.10 mi

Cool Down
0.32 mi
Warm Up/Leg Lifts

Upper Body Work

Walking Diesel  2.12 mi
4 x 1 for 10
10.01 mi

0.67 mi
Hit the Wrong Button
2.44 mi (biking)

10.32 mi

Start time, 5:00 a.m. I was excited to see a temperature drop after so many runs in the 78 - 80+ degrees. I had HOPED it would feel better. It didn't. It was super sticky, I struggled, and my left leg was so so tight.
I did do better keeping my heart rate down, so that was a win :) but overall a pretty tough run.

Start time, 5:17 a.m. The hot was back for this one and seeing the temp made my motivation waiver and I hit the snooze button and screwed up my chance to do 7 miles.  It was 76 degrees. I tried to go easy and keep that heart rate down. My leg tightness started to feel a whole lot better a short time into this run, and by the end, I felt great. The next two days my leg felt back to normal. I have to keep reminding myself those two missed miles are not more important than what I did accomplish...but you know how the suck monkeys work. (Marcia's term) is that a TM violation?

Start time, 7:40 a.m. Saturday I hit the snooze button and thought about bailing on the long run, I am just so tired of being hot. I thought about how I would feel if I didn't do it and got up.  I started this run very late, it was 78 degrees and very sunny. I did 4 x 1 and ran very easy, but still couldn't get my heart down much even with intervals.

A few times I wanted to quit, just because I was uncomfortable. Nothing was awful, I wasn't nauseous or light headed, but there wasn't much joy, or shade. When I hit a shady street, I ran it twice and it helped. I passed a little lady walking and she commented to me it was nice the humidity broke a little. At that point, it was probably over 80 degrees, I was not amused. The last few miles that super tight area in leg returned, my feet hurt, and my back started hurting. Oy back never hurts, it was such an odd feeling, a spasm maybe? It was hard to breath deep even after my shower. I had to lay down after my shower for about an hour and it passed, BUT I did get to enjoy watching Gwen Jorgensen rock the triathlon. Her run was amazing!!

The tightness was still eating up my leg the next day. It didn't improve with a good nights sleep, as I hoped. I rolled it, and went out on my bike and that made a huge difference. We had a strange hot wind and I was having a very hard time breathing in it, so no epic ride, just enough to make my legs feel better :)

I vacillate between feeling proud about my long run,  and feeling discouraged that is taking me two hours to cover 10 miles. There was a time I could cover, 12 almost 13 miles in that time frame, but that is not where I am at right now. The high spot of my long run was after. My hubby made me a super yummy breakfast and cleaned up. I was able to eat as soon as I took a shower, it was a wonderful treat after such a tough run. Feeling supported is a gift. I have a lot of anxiety as I think about the next month, and days like that do a lot to ease my worries. I am trying to just take it one run at a time and not look too far ahead. I am trying to repeat my mantra, "I get to run!" as I feel apprehensive. Sweet Holly gave me this wonderful little treasure to help keep me focused.

The weather man PROMISED the weather is going to break a little this week, I hope he is right! I am in a fragile state LOL
I need that dew point to get under 68! I am hanging on by a string and I am supposed to run 12 miles this week.

How about a cute cat picture to end!? :)

All borrowed phrases are meant as a compliment:)

Those reoccurring aches? Do they make your anxiety level rise?
Has your back ever hurt during a run? 
Any thoughts on back to back days vs every other day?
Will you run repeat loops for shade? 
Do you enjoy/look forward to shorter runs?

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Join in with Holly @ hohoruns and Tricia@ MissSippiPiddlin  

I hope you have a wonderful week. I will catch up with you all soon! I have meetings and training today, but I'll be around later this week :) 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Tour

Welcome to my mini tour. 
This is how I spend 98% of my day at work. 

Sitting! Ahhhhhhh!¯\_()_/¯

This is my little space, complete with a blanket to cushion my seat. 
Yes, my tailbone is still hurting, I think I must have cracked it pretty good. 

Smiley may hide sensitive info :) 

This is the view from the door and some of my happy stuff on my shelf.

 Our building is half specialty classrooms and half administration. I like the funky colors, makes me think of the Partridge Family everyday :)
This is the little meeting area down the hall from my office. We do a lot of staff eating here :) 

Our staff picture from last year

During the year, I go down the red steps to bus duty every morning. I love the brown wood walls. 

This year we will have students from 10 different high schools. 
I get to hang out downstairs about 35 minutes each morning and greet them as they arrive. 
This job rocks in the Fall and Winter - the weather usually makes me want to escape and run ❤  

Sometimes I find reasons to go and up down these, just so I can move a little during the day. 

A few of our rooms - Barbering and Vet Sci 

where I met my little Princess Bagheera

One of the most exciting moments of my day...

walking this hall to the "other side" to refill my water bottle

extra steps :0)  got to work in those extra steps as much as I can

and the parking lot I make a beeline for everyday when it is quittin' time! 

 Not a bad place to spend 8 hours a day during the school year, and 10 hours when we are on summertime...
...but of course, my most happy place is the open road, and those precious minutes I spend running before I  plop down and sit all day. 

All my best,