Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Little Late To The Party!

Summing up last week in pictures and a few words! 
I am coming to the party really late!! This week is half way over LOL  

I am linking up with my awesome running gal pals Holly  and Tricia 

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Monday  - weight lifting and leg lifts at the gym - I came home and planked, it was my last day of my planking challenge - 5 minutes a day for a week,  I am so over planking!

Tuesday - five early morning miles (51:49) - I was sweating, sooooooo overdressed and I didn't match at all. Who cares, no one seeeeeeess me?! πŸ˜† Botched picture attempt πŸ‘€

Wednesday - 7.19 miles (34:40) to break in my new bike seat. I think it is the answer ❤ I don't know if you remember😒 but a few weeks ago I was chafed raw - I need to test it on a long ride, but this seat felt so much better!

Thursday - Ran 3.60 early morning miles (37:22) crisp, quiet, and I actually stretched after like I should!

Friday - Bagheera (my cat) was on a step in front of me and I didn't see her- I tried to not squash her with all my weight when she screeched and I tumbled down the steps. I reached up and grabbed the rail to stop myself, my shoulder was hurting and I wasn't able to lift all weekend, but everything is else is a - okay now! AT least there wasn't blood LOL 
I used all my morning time falling. I ran 1.6 miles (16:36) around the block to loosened up my right side which took the brunt of the fall. 

Saturday - took my son out for his 27th birthday and walked off the cheesecake later. 6 walking (1:32:17)  miles. My shoulder was still throbbing at this point. 
Picked up my bib and shirt for Sunday! 
Sunday - Here is my blooper race pic - hubby was trying to make me smile πŸ˜„ Real smile pic for the recap which I will post very soon. 
Hey, I ran in tank top for the freaking Frostbite 15K LOL I kept my vest on for the race because I was anticipating rain, that never came! 

I'll be stepping away from writing blogs for a bit, but I'll keep in touch through my Instagram page! 

I always debate if I should make an official announcement...or just fade away into the sunset, but as a blogger I feel attached to my online connections and want to acknowledge that your support, advice, and encouragement are important to me.
I mean if I lived next door and actually liked you I would tell you I was putting my house on the market, right. I would not just pack up and disappear without saying good bye. 
I have certain times of the year that are busier than others, the next few months are crunch time and I have a lot of extra work this year!  I sit at a computer all day. Sometimes I just have zero desire to try to create a post, or stare at a screen in the evening, even if it is to read something I enjoy! 

I wrestle with posting when I don't have time to read and respond to comments. 
Sometimes I feel like I am juggling too much social media. I started a Running Over the Hill Facebook page and was going to try to build it, but I realized it isn't what I want, for now anyway.  I really want to consolidate my energies into one place. Shoot, I barely check my personal FB page, it is mostly in existence so my disabled Mom can play her Farm games as me and herself, then send gifts to herself from me. 

I am sure I can't leave the blogisphere forever, but for now I will dial my efforts in on Instagram. There are many positives there, mainly I can keep my account private and still keep in touch with my friends. 

My Instagram Karenrunsva is 99% fitness, but I will post about my cats and other fun adventures from time to time. If you want to connect on Instagram send me a message! 

My race recap will be up shortly! 
All my best, 
Karen πŸ’—

Do you have a bunch of botched photo attempts on your phone? 
Is planking really good for you?!! LOL 


  1. Great job on your planking challenge! Haha, so true that no one can see you in the dark anyways. Hope your shoulder is better!

    1. Thanks! Planks are not fun LOL
      My shoulder held up well yesterday when I tried a weight session! I was relieved :)

  2. Will miss you on the blog but I totally get it. It's hard being at work and then having to post - it's like second job.

    I try to write t hem ahead of time but of course, they're not very creative.

    I have many blooper photos and I hardly ever plank. So don't know. If I do it's only for 1 minute LOL.

    Hope we can plan another blogger meetup- late fall??

    1. I will still try to read some! I don't want to go completely away, I just need to get through a few months.
      Your posts are great, I never seem to get ahead writing them.
      I would love to meet up, I have been leery to plan because i was having such a hard time with my legs. I think I am close to being over the hump. I want to be able to run strong from now on till it gets hot out.

  3. Ouch! Glad Bagheera wasn't hurt & that you weren't seriously hurt ???? Congrats on finding the right bike seat -- so important!

    Our weather has been very wacky, but definitely no tanks for me!

    I do think planks are important. I'm not so sure they're important to do every single day.

    We'll be here when you've got the time to blog again!

    1. I felt so guilty when i stepped on her! She would not come near me for awhile.
      I think the bike seat is going to help me :)
      Planking really made my toes sore, but I do feel it helps my core.

  4. Aww, Karen! I'm sorry to hear you will be taking some time off, but I get it. Work is busy, and work is what brings in the money for bills, right? But thank you for your honesty and your announcement on taking a break.

    I'm sorry to hear you hurt yourself while trying to avoid your cat! I hope your healing is going well.

    Talk to you on the Snappy and Insta!

    1. It is just time! I can't keep up, maybe I will get a new routine going and figure it out one day but i need to stay sane.
      Bills never end! Gotta make that $$
      I was able to lift some weight yesterday so I feel blessed I didn't really tear anything in my shoulder. See ya on Snappy!! and Insta :)

  5. I delete my botched photos. Accidental selfies, Paul and I call them. I look so horrible on them! I guess I better warn you that even though I am on insta I am NEVER on there but I will snap you. I know you are busy so please don't feel the need to snap back! I know what you mean about sitting in front of a comp all day and then it's the last thing you want to do. I am up talking/walking/singing/being in charge all day, so all I want to do when I get home is VEG in front of a screen haha. I feel guilty about comments too. Like, if it takes me more than 12 hrs to respond to one, I feel bad. I am glad you are okay from your tumble down the stairs.

    1. I should delete my botched ones LOL It is my crazy chin in pics that bugs - it has dropped more this year-UGH!
      Being up and moving is nice but I would be exhausted from the kids LOL I use to come home and veg when I was an aide in the classroom. It can be draining.
      I do have times of the year it is slow and I try to take walk breaks around the building, run the steps, etc...and that feels nice. Right now, I key stuff in from the moment I get there till I leave. My butt hurts.

      Yes, Snappy me!!please

  6. I was over the planking too but we've had a week to recover so what you say we do it again? Come on I need support, lol. I'm right with you on matching, with all the warm temps my clothes in the RV are not for the cold. I had on a red shirt and wore a hot pink vest to run in. It so clashed!
    Looks like you made it to the party as I'm still trying to catch up with reading. Nothing like last minute huh?
    Oh I am so sorry about your fall it sure does look painful but I'm so very glad nothing is broke and your race went well!
    I can't tell you how many photos I have that never make the cut!!!

    1. I don't think I can plank every day!! I am not disciplined enough lol
      I have been so crazy at work, I don't have time to really take lunch and read. I will miss the party until things slow down!!

  7. I have a lot of crotch shots. My phone is on the ground, I squat to take a pic and forget to set the timer. LOL. I completely understand not wanting to get on a computer after a hard day at work. I struggle with that every week! I'll miss you but we'll definitely stay connected in other ways. That looks like a bad bruise, but I'm so glad you weren't hurt seriously. Thanks for linking, Karen!

    1. The work craziness has continued so I feel I made the right call for now. I do have FOMO so I will pop in when i can :)
      I can already feel my motivation waning, but some of that has been feeling the need to skip my runs this weekend. I am planning on at least 3 runs a week from now on, I hope it is finally time!! I do have a half to run in February.


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