Monday, January 9, 2017

Chafing, Snow, and Dish Soap! Oh My!

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Elliptical - 4.50 mi 0:46:20
Leg Lifts/Stretching -  0:11:39
5 @ 5 - 5.01 mi 0:51:06
Stretching - 0:09:41
Treadmill Mile - 1.00 mi 0:10:22
Weight Training -  0:57:22
Warm Up - 0.36 mi 0:05:03
After Work 3 - 3.01 mi 0:31:24
Interval Six -
6.00 mi 1:02:41
Walking - 0.53 mi 0:10:10
Stretching -0:10:20
Home Dumbbell/Core 1:01:36
Snow Walking - 3.07 mi 1:04:15

January 1, 2017 - 18 miles :) 

Picking up from last week, I started the new year off biking. I was feeling a strong PIMA on my right side and my left shin had a pinching sensation and I just want healthy legs back, so I have been taking a lot of back to back days off running. December was a challenging time for me, but I am starting to feel better and finally seem to be getting back on track. (fingers crossed)

My bike ride left me with some epic chafing on my legs. Kenny has since ordered a new seat for me in hopes this won't happen again. I tried to take a tactful pic 😟 This is how it looked after a week of was deep. It is amazing how much it stings.

Wednesday morning I was so excited, it had been an entire week since my last run!

I broke out my knuckle lights at 5 a.m. and off I went. 

Part of the reason I rested so much in December, besides all my aches, was I could not get my feet to turn over at a normal rate, I just felt off. 

My goal Wednesday was to make my feet turn over a little faster. 
9:57, 10:34, 9:51, 10:24, 10:16  Stringing these paces together is killing me right now! I was tired after this, but thrilled this run went so well. Trying to focus on keeping my cadence strong will be my main mission the next few weeks. 

Snow had been in our forecast all week, but our weather has been pretty mild, so I wasn't sure if I should believe it. However, by Friday it was freezing and it was evident the snow was coming. While everyone else was running to the grocery store restocking their pantries and supplies, I was worried about missing my runs.  I came home from work a little early Friday so I could get a run in before dark. 

I knew I was going to miss my longer run over the weekend and it was hard to decide how many miles I should actually do.  I didn't want to go overboard, but I am trying to run a 15K on 1-22-17 and I need the longer runs...

I decided I would run a steady four miles and then switch to intervals.

I have a one mile warm up programmed into my interval set, so I stopped at three miles and restarted my watch.  I used 3 minutes x 40 seconds intervals.  I thought it was super strange my average pace was exactly the same for both runs. I couldn't do that again if I tried, right. 

Mile one I felt like I was pushing too much, so I let my self recover during mile two but I didn't peek to see my what pace was at the time.  I felt better and picked it back up, but those four miles zapped me! I welcomed the intervals.

10:09, 10:55, 10:16  - 9:41 (was the first mile of my six)
After I got home and saw how much I needed to slow down to regroup, I realized maybe I need to pick my runs to push my pace, I can't do it on all my runs, at least not this soon. I need to get off the, oh no I don't want to run a crappy 15K plan. 

The flurries were already happening before dark

The snow actually started as I was finishing up.  My legs were so freaking tired, but I was smiling, and I probably won't run again till Wednesday. That'll be five days off! I am hoping the rest balances out my greediness with the miles on Friday.  

I am also glad my biking chafe was almost healed because I received some epic chafing right along my sports bra line on this run. I was raw in the shower...😝 I am not sure why my sports shield suddenly stopped working, but it is not.  
The snow and cold hung around all weekend. My run kept me smiling all day Saturday while I was laying around having a snow day. 

super cold brrrrr

When I get to feeling a little overwhelmed I like to keep things simple, and focus on little changes. Something I can measure easily. I restocked my Vega protein last week and I make it with just a few frozen strawberries and ice cubes. I like it thick, it is like eating ice cream at night. I am just trying to add in a healthier snack a few nights a week for now...mission accomplished :) 
This may not look that yummy, but it tastes so good :)

Snow walking is all I got in this mess. 
Our streets were looking messy every way I turned. Slick!! 

Hubby actually left the house to go the store on Sunday because we were really low on dish soap. When you are snowed in, you eat (ALOT), then you need to wash dishes! and you do it on repeat LOL 

Total fail, I didn't realize I only had dribbles in the bottle, so I was freaking I would run out from Friday night, till that new bottle made it safely in my house. Next snow storm I will remember to check and make sure my dish soap isn't running on E! 

Crisis over...πŸ˜‰Life is good, I got some snow walking done, I have clean dishes, and antibiotic cream on my chafe. I sure hope this stuff melts soon.

I feel like I am still trying to get the new year in gear! 

What kind of body glide do you use? 
What is a must have item when you are snowed in? 
Have you tried Vega chocolate protein? 
Do they actually plow streets where you live? 


  1. Don't hate but I've never chafed.

    I can't run in my neighborhood. No lights and they don't clear the roads - same with the bike paths. So I am limited. I go into town and run in the road or around a university.

    Slow and no pain is much better than fast and injury - just sayin'

    It's early in the year - RELAX!!

    1. Omg, how lucky you've never chafed!
      haha, you are right about slow and no pain but I'd like to recapture just a little speed...just a weee bit lol I will try to relax :)

  2. Wow, you got a lot of snow! I think we only got a couple inches. I never even thought about checking the dish soap before a snow storm but that's a good point!

    1. I'll never forgot again lol
      I think we have about 5 inches and it is really cold. I can't wait for Wednesday, it is supposed to warm up.

  3. Chaffing is the worst! Luckily I don't deal with it very often. The snow is cold but it sure makes the world beautiful.. although I am getting a lot of yellow snow around the house with my two dogs and 4 cats out there. EWWW! I tend to keep a spare dish soap under the sink and when I have to use it I buy another so there is always a full extra under there! No dish soap is the pits!

    1. I had a time putting a sports bra on to walk yesterday, hopefully it won't hurt as much today. I will avoid the yellow snow - good reminder LOL

  4. You are cracking me up with shorts on the first pic & standing in snow in the last one.
    You are always getting scraps & bruised & cuts... you have badges of honor.

    1. I really don't want all my scrapes and bruises but I am good at it :/
      This crazy weather! That is why I doubted the weather man lol but I will listen next time :)

  5. Ugh..that chafing looks painful. And when water hits it, it's the worst, right?! Nice job on the running last week. And the snow--looks like CO. We got hit Tues/Wed so I wasn't able to get outside until Sunday (indoor track Saturday--BOO). Today it was WARM so I thought I would go out but OMG, 30 MPH winds...yeah, no thanks. Rick and I always have a really good stock of food on hand. I would say must haves would be coffee and bananas! I hope your snow melts soon! How do your legs feel today? Good, I hope!

    1. Oh the shower was painful, I just thought I was sore from the seat I didn't how deep it cut in.
      Wind is such a deal breaker. I can deal with cold, but wind just seems cruel. I think a track is still better than a treadmill! I have not found my tolerance for TM yet.
      It is good to stock some, we tend to just have enough for a few years, I am not a good planner.
      Legs feel okay today no major aches and I do think it'll be Wednesday before I run. I can still feel the PIMA when I walk, but it didn't hurt at all when I was done. I never know what I need to do lol

    2. Yeah, I can't run on a treadmill so it's the track or nothing at all! I am glad your legs feel good! That is great news and you will be ready for your race, I think!

  6. Ouch! That chafing does look sore! Hopefully it is all healed up by now. It snowed here in Va Beach as well. I think we may even had it a bit worse than you guys. So needless to say I have been stuck in the house all wkend. They can't even clear the streets down here properly.

    1. I think you did get more at the beach than we did! We did see a plow yesterday which broke up the ice a little. Hope you dig out soon!

  7. It takes them a while to get to the side roads, where I live, and I also live on the cul de sac -- they seem to think that just doing the center of the circle is good enough, so I'm always shoveling over to the mail box! But we are more equipped for it than you guys.

    Ouch to the chafing! It can be totally random on me, too. It's been a while and hopefully it will stay away. Using the anti chafing cream over chafed areas before you shower helps minimize the pain, too.

    I just find December difficult. Always. Those short days kill me!

    1. My chafing has been so much worse, usually in winter it doesn't even happen to me.
      Our temps are supposed to go above freezing today! I am hoping it happens and we get some melt. It is about 28 right now, so I wondering id the weatherman is right lol

  8. I use Body Glide and I'm about to tell you something you might not want to hear... As we get older (not that you're nearly as old as me), our skin starts to thin and chafing, bruising, etc. happens much more easily. :-(

    Your roads look really slippery! All 1/4 to 1/2 inch of our snow blew off the roads on Sunday leaving the roads clear.

    1. I have tried to the blue stuff too, and I was getting it bad this summer. Maybe it is my skin, I do seem to bruise easier these days.
      The roads are crazy, solid blocks of ice. We are suppose dot get above freezing today but it hasn't happened so far. I want this stuff to melt so I can get a run in.
      You are lucky this one missed you!

  9. You got so much snow! It's pretty! We got a dusting. I hope we get more. :) Chafe can hurt so bad. I still have scarring from that chafe on my back that you saw this summer. I need BOOZE when we are snowed in. And TP. :)

    1. I wouldn't mind the snow if the streets weren't so bad, it is pretty...until it all gets tracked over. Now it looks dirty lol
      Oh yea, booze is a good one lol and T.P. omg, I have a phobia about running out.

  10. Chafing is the worst! I always forget about body glide in the winter. We do usually get our streets plowed but it can take a while for the trucks to come through!

  11. Ouch! Chafing? I had some pretty bad chafing from my favorite/not so favorite anymore running skirt after PCB. Could it be your shorts?

    1. I guess it could be the shorts. I wore my padded ones, maybe they crinkled up and got me...I was so annoyed when my top got chafed Friday, I hurt all over :/

  12. Ugh! So sorry about that chafe. Seeing it reminds me of my marathon chafe. I use the Body Glide brand stick and it wasn't to blame. It was the dang arm sleeves. Yay for a good run! I feel like I've taken my running down to the proverbial studs with this hamstring. Hopefully I'll be able to rebuild soon.

    1. I have tried the blue stuff too, I am on the hunt for some extra strength stuff lol Chafe hurts!
      I feel the same way, I am not sure I will be able to run 9 miles by the 22nd at this point, but I am trying to chill about it. If I have to interval it I will.

  13. I hope your legs feel normal soon. I sometimes wonder what "normal" legs feel like for runners. Like, some amount of soreness or PIMA may be part of normal!

    I like that walking in the snow counts as a workout. I've heard it's as hard as being on sand!

    1. Thank Ali! My legs felt so heavy I found it hard to control my landing.
      I do think some muscle soreness and fatigue in there is normal when you run a lot, I had it all of training but was still able to knock out decent runs. It wasn't until right at the end of training my legs just tanked on me. Picking my feet off the ground has been hard since the marathon(minus a few runs), I do feel improvement now, so I am just praying I am past it!
      Snow walking is kind of like sand lol It made me my PIMA again lol it is not nearly as bad though.

  14. You are too funny about the dish soap! All your pictures of the snow are so pretty. Our ice looked like snow from a distance. Sure didn't feel like snow walking on it.

    1. It was pretty but that cold was bitter LOL I was glad to see it go!

  15. Great week, Karen! It doesn't snow where I live, so I don't have to worry about plows or running out of dish soap. Well, maybe during flash floods. I do tend to keep a backup of most items; I hate running out of things!

  16. I am so impressed with all of your northern runners and your ability to get motivated when it's snowy out! The definitely don't plow streets where I live, and I have no snowed-in advice LOL! I can tell you that when the king tides come in all of our streets flood badly and signs go up saying not to drive/drive with caution. I don't think that's the same though, haha!

    I use the Body Glide brand of body glide and have always had good luck with it!

    1. When it snows in Florida we are all in trouble LOL
      I am not sure why my chafe is so bad but I switched back to the blue stuff and so far no blood!


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