Monday, August 28, 2017

Half Training Week #2

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Ha-ha, I figured out during training week one Coach Holly is not going to let me run all the 12 minute miles I want LOL and that is a good thing! BUT...this ol' body is having a hard time leaving those easy miles behind.

I laughed when I read this, because I have been saying I am tired of  living in the the rainforest! LOL Apparently the forecasters concur...

The weatherman promised the morning temps would be much cooler Wednesday after the rain. I rested Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning. Seriously, I gotta get my act together, I could be cross training but I really did not feel like it!
I had a very busy week at school as we gear up to open, and I came home mentally exhausted. This introvert doesn't like all the hustle and bustle and talking! I couldn't go anywhere there might be the gym LOL
Mushrooms are everywhere right now 

I ran 17 miles in three runs this week. 

Thursday 4 progressive begin 11:00 end 10:15 
I woke up and it was 69 and very humid, I wasn't thrilled with Mr.Weatherman! LMAO, I should have known better than this trust his forecast. I had pre- programmed my Garmin because I am not good at hitting specific paces! I took off so many days I wondered if my legs would remember how to run.

I do love the cues for pace from my Garmin, but for this run it made me realize how hard it was to get close to my target pace LOL My watch was constantly beeping showing me how off pace I was!

Mile one was okay, but everything after it felt extremely laborious. By the time I would get the right pace going, the mile would be over. I struggled with nausea and feeling light headed toward the end.  I survived, but it felt a little discouraging. My legs were feeling like marshmallow that wouldn't hold me up by the end. The numbers don't look that off, till mile 3, nor do they tell the story of how blah I felt.
1.00 mi - 11:00 min actual 10:58
1.00 mi - 10:45 min actual 10:47
1.00 mi - 10:30 min actual 10:57
1.00 mi - 10:15 min actual 10:14
I took a route so I could run some flatter roads, and misjudged  how far from home I would finish, I think I was delirious!  lol I had to run an extra mile to get home, which I did at an 11:20 pace and it felt much more manageable. My body still wants to run that easier pace.

Friday 4    2/2/4/4/4/2/2 ( 200's 1 min. 400's 2 min.) 200 recoveries 
I started a little later (because I love sleep!) and because I was trying to hit that sweet spot where some of morning humidity has burnt off after sun up, but the sun isn't super strong yet. It was 66 but the humidity was still eating me up. I think heat acclimation is a unicorn!  I just never felt really on top of  this workout. I ran around the bus loop and tried, but I was draggging.
200 in minutes - 1:01, 1:01 
400 - 2:03, 2:11, 2:13  I couldn't get to the 2 min. mark 
200 - 1:03, 1:00 

A little over a warm up/cool down mile 4.33 miles
45:13 avg pace 10:27 


My weight session

I finally went to the gym!! I did the elliptical and weights. I try to keep it moving during my weight sessions, I am still not lifting super heavy, but I do enough to challenge myself. 

Sunday  8  10:40 -11:00 
Finally the morning I was promised!  The dew point was down...why can't all summer mornings be like this?! It would make this running thing a whole lot easier.
I broke my run in half and put in my target  (10:40-11:00) I did this on purpose so I could try to make the second half of the run a little faster.
I could put my target pace in mile by mile and get my splits, but honestly I don't miss them.
My read out looks like this:

I had a few moments where my body wanted to dip down to that 11:15 -11:20 pace to recover, like after a hill, but overall this run was pretty good and I stayed on track. I was able to pick up the pace just a little the last two miles :)  I filled my pack with a bottle of powerade, water, and tablet of Nuun. I drained all 2 liters. I debated before I left the house if I should just carry my bottle, but I am glad I went with the pack, it still felt warm and I think the steady hydration flow really made this run.

I am not sure how to best grade my training. Pace? How I felt?

The struggle in the humidity even for short distances feels a little discouraging  to me. After running in it since April, I don't seem to do any better no matter if it is 65 or 75 degrees, I feel very heavy, I battle nausea, and I walk a fine line so I don't over exert myself.
When I look solely at pace, I would say I did okay. I found a way to get close anyways.

I do realize I can't accomplish it all right away, and I am very thankful I ended the week on a high note with a happy long run. It was nice to get a break from the rain-forest. It was nice to be running and smiling.  It was nice to hold my pace steady up a few small hills and not feel my heart pounding out of my chest. It was a nice way to close out the week.

Rolling onto week three with  Coach HoHo I'm ready to see how it all unfolds!

Oh, and I cut about 5 inches off my hair and hardly anyone noticed because I always wear it up in a wet knot that is usually very messy LOL It was getting crazy bushy, I feel a little more human now.

Ever have those days where 4 miles kicks your butt so bad you want to be done? 
How are things in your neck of the woods?? 

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great week ❤


  1. The new haircut looks great! And it's definitely nice to be able to end the week on a high note :) I've definitely been enjoying the cooler weather and lower humidity.

    1. Thank you :)
      I always appreciate the break in humidity too!

  2. Your hair looks adorable and 'perky'! Dang girl, you are doing great with those paces! But, I will admit ...I've been talking to Holly about her coaching me and now I'm gun-shy! I don't know if I can handle picking up the pace that much so quickly!! :)

    1. Thanks Teresa!
      You should totally talk with Holly :) She will give you a a great plan.
      It has been nice to break out of my easy miles, but since it is only week 2 it is work LOL I am very humidity sensitive, so I struggle more than the average runner in heat.

  3. You look like a teenager in that picture! You are so cute.

    Karen, I've been following you for a while and you have so much potential--you run some really fast miles. I love that you've started working with Holly. It will be really fun to see what you can do!

    1. Oh LAWDY!! thank you Wendy, I don't feel like a teeen lol
      I use to run some fast miles before these feet started getting so mangled, but I am curious to see if I can break that 2:20 barrier I seem to be stuck at now!

  4. Love your new do! You'd be cute with a bag on your head. :D Great week my friend. Humidity is no joke but you'll be lightning fast once the heat breaks.

    1. TAwww, thank you Marcia :)
      Humidity seems to be the kiss of death for me, but I do hope I will see some improvement in the next few months.

  5. I am happy you had a high note to end your week and that low DP too. YAY!

    Your new cut looks gorgeous :)

  6. I'm loving the length of your new hair cut! Super cute. As I've said, it's a process. We (I'm talking to myself here too) want results immediately -- and that's just not the way it works. You will work hard. You will hate it some days and love it others. Butt, you'll get there.

    1. Thank you, I was nervous cutting it all but it looked bad LOL I needed to let the hair go.
      I sure hope I can break that 2:20 barrier I got stuck at earlier this year. I am trying!

  7. Have you tried the SaltStick caps to help with nausea? I used to get severe nausea when running at fast paced, even in cool weather. These caps really keep the nausea away for me. I could almost feel the nausea and lightheadedness as you described it. For me, that's just the worst. Good for you for getting it done! What doesn't kill us...right?! And I'm pretty sure Coach Holly won't kill you ha ha!

    1. I have not! I have wondered if I should..I will give it a try! I am so much better now that I use Nuun, plain water use to kill me.

  8. Great job on your training this week! I love your new haircut too!

  9. Your haircut looks great! My 3 miler yesterday felt like it just wouldn't end! No real explanation other than a mental distraction because the music controls on my Garmin weren't working. :-(

    Great week of training and battling the humidity.

    1. Thanks!!
      It is crazy how some days the runs just feel so tough.
      Technology distractions are the absolute worst!


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