Monday, January 29, 2018


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I don't really make resolutions, but I do resolve myself to try to make changes in areas I need to work on. Work in small chunks at something until it becomes a habit is how I roll.

Some things I am continuing to work on from 2017. SO far, I have made some positive progress just a month into the new year.

Make the diet Pepsi fountain drink a very occasional thing.
Change up my strength work.
Get my weight under control once and for all (LOL) who am I kidding?
Get more sleep

I love a flipping fountain drink, diet Pepsi or diet coke with lime.  It's one of those things that make me happy, I love the fizz, a bottle or can is not the same, so often in the morning it has been my preference even over a cup of coffee. I confess, I've even had mornings where I felt so rough I would roll through the drive thru and ask for two large diet sodas...the fatigue thing for me is real. Some people wrestle with sugar, chocolate, ice diet soda.

After my stress fracture, my endocrinologists told me diet soda could impact my recovery and I needed to reduce my intake. Since I still feel that spot on my tibia years later, I know I need to try to be as healthy as  possible.
I started trying green tea again. In the past I never really enjoyed it, but finally this past month I have made the switch. I am enjoying (unsweetened) green tea by the gallon, and a diet soda maybe once a week.  This is a big change for me πŸ˜‡

Change up my strength sessions and getting my weight under control go together...
I have a trainer for a few months! If you saw my Instagram post a while ago, we didn't do Christmas at my house and put the $$ to a trainer and I have been loving every minute of this decision. We work at a pace I would not push myself to do and I do a bunch of things I don't like. πŸ˜„ The things I don't like are really good for me though! Right now, I am not doing much heavy weight, but enough to challenge me, yet I feel sore all the time. LOL Typically in the past, I would tend to weed out things that impacted my runs and just not do them...but no more, I made a commitment to try whatever the trainer set up for me to do. I work hard when I am there. I am going to be really sad when my sessions end. More to come about training, I love it!

Get more sleep...
I guess as long as I work full time this will always be a struggle...there are not enough hours...ever. I am going to hit the reset button each month on this one. So many factors impact this so I don't feel like I have much control.

I am linking with Marcia to get this off my chest!  Join'll feel better.


I runfess...
Even though I have changed up my strength work and been pretty careful about my diet...getting enough protein, managing my calories, I have continued to gain weight. I can barely button my dress pants and even my work out clothes are becoming uncomfortable. I have only weighed a few times this month because honestly, it doesn't help me to see the crazy big numbers on the scale and I can feel it...I am at a loss. I runfess it is very hard to keep my motivation up. I keep hoping my body will respond soon to the changes I made, but who knows?!

I runfess my ice sailing bounce down my front steps on January 6th really frustrated me. (and bruised me up too)

I had to modify several strength sessions so I wouldn't aggravate particular areas. My trainer did a good job and I still pushed through and got solid sessions in, but I really want to feel 100% so I can make the most out of this.
Tissue on my backside is still swelling up after I work out, it is getting better, but...geesh, I just want to feel good.

I runfess I am irritated this low mileage month didn't really equate into good recovery time.  January will be about 60 miles when all is said and done. I've been aching more than ever which had a lot to do with falling. At one point, I was feeling panicked about how inconsistent this month has been, but was able to talk myself off the ledge. I was still was active 21 days so far (posting on the 29th) it is really not that bad! Yes, my running mileage is low but life happens. Surely, least I ❤hope, I'll improve next month :)

Okay February, I am ready... I need to get my 2018 party started!

Coffee or soda for you?
Do you enjoy green tea?
How did January go for you?

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Tacky Light Run 2017

I have a ton of posts I write and then it will sit in my drafts and I eventually delete, but I decided it is go time. I am going to post this one and hopefully that will start a good trend. If I write it, post it!

Every year I try to participate in the Tacky Light Run. Organizers set up a little village area with lot of lights, hot chocolate, a  few food trucks, and fun little selfie stands. Tons of folks come in fun costumes. It is a very festive event and my employer gives me a good discount!

        The swag is great, a different color hat each year!
Decorated village area
Another hat! 
I've done this fun run in torrential downpour, bitter cold (it killed my phone), and very warm, short sleeve weather. Now I can add snow to the conditions!!

It is a 6K (3.7 mi)  Santa is there to high five you at the finish but this one is all about fun, it is not even timed officially. Yet, I usually try to push myself and run with the front folks and use it as a little speed work out. Most years I have run, then go back and walked a section of the course to enjoy the lights.
2013 - 35:22 (3.6 mi)
2014 -  I didn't record it
2015 - 36:42 (3.85 mi)
2016 - 37:08  (3.9 mi)
2017 - 59:36 (4 mi)

This was the first time I had the true intention to walk.
Snow and sleet were falling fairly steady all afternoon and it was something silly like 26 degrees and I was leery of slipping and falling, so walk it was.

Maybe I should walk with a nice hot cup of coffee :) I joke, but folks actually did that! UGH...That meant they were walking really slow.  LOL

The slushy stuff was falling from the sky as we lined up and it was tough getting wet in that kind of cold.
I lined up way in the back this year, not on purpose, but I ran to use the P.O.P. and when I came out people had packed in solid at the start area. My decision to walk was sealed.
OMG! It is so flipping crowded back there...never again. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜œ It is supposed to be just for fun, but I still wanted to walk fast and I was blocked by hoards of people walking with huge wagons, strollers, in lines, in groups...
After the first mile I was able to run a little here and there and get my heart rate up. Snowflakes stopped falling about half way through and it was nice not getting much more fun!
People in the neighborhood share cheer at their houses and I had a small cup of beer and three jello shots along the way lol

I never wear glasses and run, but since I was walking I wore them and seeing really rocks. They did fog up towards the end when I was actually running more, so I'm not sure how a real run would go. In summer when I tried I sweat so much they slip off my vision is getting so bad though, I really need to work on way to run with glasses.
I wore hubby's hat to keep the snow of my face :) 

This years hat was red and white! 

I enjoyed seeing house after house all decorated, but it was cold! If you are in the Richmond area, this is super holiday fun for the whole family and maybe next year it'll be awesome short sleeve weather!

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Monday, January 15, 2018

I'm Okay πŸ˜…

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Monday - I'm Outside! - 4.01 mi 0:39:46
Tuesday - Training session #7 - 0:32:35
Wednesday - healing
Thursday - healing
Friday - Systems Check - 2.01 mi 0:20:50
Saturday - Goodbye Mild Temps - 5.75 mi 1:00:27, Training #8 - 1:00:33
Sunday - nope...

I was so excited Monday to get outside! I have been inside all week because we had packed snow and ice on our roads due to the deep freeze. VA doesn't salt or plow neighborhoods (or all the main roads for that matter) and I run these roads with vehicles, so I do not venture out when drivers could be slipping and sliding. Monday, sadly as soon as it got warm enough to start the melt it also rained. I found road that was a little more clear and ran back and forth and got in a soaked 4 miles. I only ran 6 miles the first week of this year on the TM, so I was dying to get a few miles logged.

Monday my school system put students and teachers on a 2 hour delay for staff ( me) is expected to arrive on time unless otherwise noted. Sadly, the rain froze overnight and I guess no school officials went out to check road conditions, because they had put students on the delay. Since it had been like 9 degrees and less here for a whole week I guess the ground really didn't get "warm" at all from the few hours the temp rose on Monday afternoon. To be fair, there was no ice warnings as I stepped out the door. I leave about 6:40 a.m. so it is still dark, and I went sailing off the top step of my porch and slid across my front yard. It knocked the wind out of me. I was so upset as I drove to work, all the roads were a sheet of ice. The news was starting to pick up on all the accidents by that time and at least folks had some warning. I actually slid off the road and sat there a few minutes to get myself together. I FB posted to warn others, hoping they would just stay put. When I got to work and shared with officials I had fallen and had so much trouble on my very short drive, they sent out the message for everyone who had not left home to stay put. It wasn't long after that they called school off again for students because they couldn't risk buses going out.

The irony...I stayed inside the entire previous week because I am scared to death of falling or getting run over in the neighborhood and when it finally started to melt I get injured. UGH.

Flying off the porch Tuesday morning really threw me for a loop and I battled a serious case of the blues all week. I felt wiped out.  I just want to feel good and do my thang...can anybody hear me up there?! I told someone at work, if guardian angels are a thing, mine is fired...seriously, I do feel fortunate I have no stitches, staples, or broken bones. My backside and arm were swollen a few days and a spot on my foot and knee are very sore, and  they actually concern me more. I can feel progress in the areas that were swollen, but the knee is lingering.

I pushed on and went to my training session Tuesday after work because it was already scheduled and it was tough. The trainer was modifying and keeping everything light weight so I could get through it. I moved my next session to Saturday to have some healing time, but unfortunately my right knee was still hurting dead center when I tried to squat, so I couldn't do my usual kettle bell swings and dead lifts. I did Saturday's session after my run and I was exhausted when I was done. Slept a good long time...
Friday was my first run after my fall - yes, it was warm but it was also raining, I was drenched

Saturday I made it for an hour run, warm enough, but raining...this weather is dreary. 

This year is starting off so slow, it is making me feel antsy. I have not even run 20 miles yet for the year, but I'll keep pushing on.
I haven't chosen a word for this year yet, but right now it would be F***! up rules, I am supposed to keep it clean. πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
Any suggestions for a happy word for me?
I have a few races I am eyeing so I need to get busy.

Stay safe and warm,
Tell me anything to distract me πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
or help me out with a word!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Is Week One Really Over?!

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Last week I had a pretty awesome New Eve's trail was close to teens cold and my hair got hard and crusty where I sweated and it froze, but even so... I had a few of those moments...where your legs glide and you feel no resistance. I was soaring.

The run did not begin that way though, in fact one of my feet was so numb during the first mile I wondered if I should quit. One foot was a lot colder than the other..☃ is that weird? I kept going hoping it would get warm and was rewarded with some happy miles. The frozen hair was hilarious, but no picture.

Then I did not run for 5 days. I finished 2017 with a bang and then poof! My wick went out.

My toenail fell off New Year's Eve...that was a new experience. It had been terribly loose a few weeks but it still freaked me out a little when it finally happened.

When I ran the marathon on October 28th. it rained about 6 miles. It started toward the end about mile 17, my feet were soaked and slipping and sliding around in my shoes for those end miles and two of my toes turned black shortly after the race. About a month later (almost to the day) I came home from a run with a bloody sock. My toe looked a lot better after that but ultimately after another month the toenail came all the way off. That took a long time right?!

I don't want to post lots of feet pics, but I will gladly email a pic to show what it was hanging like if you are curious LOL

Anyway...I thought I would take a day off and wrap it when I ran next...but that next run never happened all week. 
It snowed, so it was easy. There's ominous icicles hanging everywhere.

I could barely walk from the car to the gym without slipping so no snow running for me. If this ridiculous weather keeps up this southern gal may need to invest in a pair of the Yaktrax....who would have thought?! Certainly not me, I've lived here a lot of winters and never even seen flakes....these last few winters have sucked. Maybe I have the deep freeze blues?!! I have summer S.A.D. usually but I have always loved winter. This is weird!

Y'all, they don't plow any side streets here, and no melting has occurred since we are nonstop below freezing, and I run on roads with cars, no is just too dangerous to try while cars are slipping all over.

Luckily, I have a trainer twice a week for a few months and we are doing lots of functional strength sessions. I am clumsy, challenged, and lack balance but I already knew thatπŸ˜…I am going to try to work on it and see what happens. The extra recovery days were probably okay, I had some strange soreness after 3 sessions the previous week doing an evaluation and trying new things, but I am starting to worry about losing all my run fitness...and I miss my runs!
I can't jump so I step up and it winds joke
At a glance:
1 - Sleeeeeep
2 - Training session #5 1:21:47
3 - walking, rest
4 - Arc Machine - 0:23:04 - Training #6 - 1:10:36
5 - more rest
6 - First Run 2018 - 3.02 treadmill mi 0:34:49 - Mixed Cardio - 0:38:41
7 - 3 more TM miles - 3.20 mi 0:34:16 - Mixed cardio Again - 0:35:54

I am not powering head on into 2018, I am inching in. 

I am now signed up for two races in April. One half and the local 10K. I added my upcoming events to my Athlinks profile and bravely put in my anticipated finish time. I better start running!! I want to see a 2:15 half again so bad.

Athlinks and BibRave recently teamed up, but I was already an account holder! It is a great way to assemble all your race results in one place...some folks may have to invest some time to claim them all :) like our host  who has run a ton of races, but it is nice to have your stats in one place. I added a few races that did not show in the search and it was a quick easy process.  I have always tried to keep a spread sheet where I drop the link to the results in so I can find something quickly if I need too, but I started slacking at it and now I don't really need it.

Speaking of assembling stats, I am also a Smashrun user and I love it. It syncs with my Garmin app and I can see some cool things like all my 5 mile runs ever...the average paces for my years of running, etc...if  you like stats you will probably like Smashrun. It is not even a sponsored thing, I just like it!

I have a few things like run or workout on the last day of the year... or the first day I get quirky about ...there are just certain rituals I feel set me up for success or are good luck charms, and I blew them all this year! LOL

Thanks for stopping by! I enjoy connecting with you all. Have a great week!

Ever had a nail come off? 
Have a toenail turn black after running in the rain? 
Want to join me on Athlinks!?
Heard of Smashrun?
Yaktrax users- Will Yaktrax keep me from busting my tush on the snow and ice? 
How did your year start off? Anyone not freezing?!