Monday, February 12, 2018

The Wrap That Won't End

So much happened this past week I am not sure where to begin.
Maybe I should try to stay in order by day! 😅
Here are some tidbits...
I decided to switch my training sessions to one upper and one lower session each week, I do some core at all of them. We did 13 sessions all body and I was feeling so spent, I stayed sore...some of that was due to the fall I took in January but I needed to see if more recovery time helped me battle the fatigue and sore.
I was much more energetic at each workout, so I am going with it for a few weeks. I will probably switch back to all body in March. 

I still have one spot on my backside that is getting tight and achy when I run and a spot on the outside of my foot continues to burn every so often...these have been present since the day after I fell in early January. Every time I think I am healed up, that burning shows back up.

Okay now I will try to stay in order.

Afternoon Four - 4.31 mi 0:41:58
Training #15 - 0:47:47
Monday, nod to Ice Cube. It was a good day! Sun and lots of working out. I went for a quick run after work, showered and headed to the gym for my upper body work.

I was breathing hard but I nailed it :) 

Wake up - 2.50 mi 0:25:13
Tuesday after work I was scheduled to get a spot on my neck cut off. I had it done before and it grew right back. It is very different characteristically from the Basil cells I had  removed so I am not worried it is cancerous, it is just an eyesore.  The lump sits right where my sports bra goes so it was constantly getting irritated and bleeding. I woke up to freezing...well below freezing temps, but I bundled up and went for a short run because I knew I wouldn't be able to go after the appointment.

2.5 miles was enough to make me smile! I am 100% out of the habit of early morning runs now.

My Doc decided to try zapping it with freezing stuff I think (?)...and then she zapped like 6 more all around my neck. WHY am I growing so many weird lumps!!??! She said I could workout and sweat as long as I didn't feel any stinging.

Feisty Four - 4.01 mi 0:39:42
Wednesday night I covered the bumps and went running in the shorts. Could the weather be anymore back and forth. I was on it :)  My runners high was the best of the week!

The next morning my spots puffed up a bit, so I decided to take Thursday off.  I had a good workout streak going and it was actually hard to take a day and I regret not taking a walk or something to keep my streak going. Oh well...

During my zapping visit I had to face the scale and see I have packed on 8 lbs. since my last visit, which was only a few months ago. My middle is expanding exponentially...even the Doc said all the things she would normally tell someone to do to battle the menopausal muffin top, I already do.  Still in the process of what to do next...
She told me my protruding belly was concerning considering how much I work out and that my calorie intake hasn't really changed much. The girls at work expressed the same concern, especially since I eat a lot of egg whites, carrots, and other healthy things and rarely snack. That led me to see the OB later in the week.

Thursday  - NOTTA!!

Pain in my Side - 4.01 mi 0:45:19
Walking - 2.10 mi 0:36:41
Friday I was in the Doc's office after work and we made a discovery - my PH levels are way off. I've had this issue in the past along with very low Vitamin D and potassium, but I have been making progress with the deficiencies...not sure why I can not get in balance. I have some medication and this is also in the what to do next pile...more tests coming. I could say tons more on this, but I guess I will leave that for another day...

Friday evening I wore a thin shirt with my sports bra over it and that worked wonderfully (to protect my neck bumps) No irritation...the problem was my side. I had a horrible side stitch and it would not let go. I had hopes of getting a long run done, but even with intervals I was in so much discomfort I called it and walked. 
There is a sweet spot to eating and running in the evenings. 
1. Eat just enough so you feel a little hungry, never full. 
2. Wait a full 3 hours between. - I have tried  a few times to go 2 , 2.5 hours out and it never goes well. Live and learn.
TM miles - 3.01 mi 0:32:18
Hill repeats - 0.89 mi 0:27:37
Saturday, it poured rain and I wasn't going out in it!

The treadmill is a total mental battle for me. A few years ago, I got to where I could handle 6 miles or so pretty easy, but right now I have to self talk just so I won't stop the entire time.
Mentally exhausting lol and OMG, my gym is so flipping hot!
After I got my steady 3 mi run done I did a few hill repeats, four to be exact, just a minute each with 6 incline and I was feeling them Sunday morning.
HA! I wonder if I am ever going to get into shape.

Dew point 3 - 3.01 mi 0:31:20
Strides - 1.18 mi 0:13:13
Walking - 1.06 mi 0:20:06
Training #16 - 1:16:04
Walking and Talking - 3.40 mi 0:58:08
Sunday the humidity was tough and I was reminded I have zero desire for summer to show up.

3 very warm miles - I couldn't hang on for 3 more - I knew the heat would drain me.
I did a mile of strides on the way home for 4 miles total.  I love strides :)
Those quick bursts will make you feel super hero like and I find them to be very effective at fighting off the stiff feeling. You engage different muscle fibers during those speedy  25-30 seconds and it always seems to leave me feeling more energetic....and 90% of the time I walk my recovery. I have done them at the end of the run, but for me, there seems to be more benefit after I give my self a few cool down minutes and then begin.
There is no exact science or timed recoveries it is just off feel.
I could not wait to shower! It was a sweat fest!
Then I put more workout clothes on and went to the gym
After my hour session I showered and put on more fresh clothes and went to meet my run buddy for a walk in the park.
3 more (walking) miles and another laundry is out of control. 

I get A for showering this week!

6 runs - 22.9 miles

I had 3 pretty amazing runs in a row...Mon, Tues, Wednes, but all short in miles, so it surprised me how used up my legs felt from it.

I fell short getting my long run done (65 minutes) but it really doesn't bother me much. I am not trying to hit paces, just increase my overall fitness. Hopefully I can get my long run in this upcoming week :)  I haven't had a week this strong since December.
Actually there is more to tell but I don't want to drag this any longer. Thanks for stopping by!
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Tell me how your week went.
Did you get your cross-training done?
All your runs?
Ever have a PH balance problem?
Do you break up strength sessions or do all body work each time?
Do you know your sweet spot for eating and running?
Have you done any strides lately?
Take care,


  1. Congrats on the strong week, especially with all the medical stuff! I hope you can get the PH stuff figured out.

    1. Thanks!
      I try to stay focused on mission and let all the other things get to me, but it is distracting constantly not feeling well or being able to button my pants lol

  2. Great job this week! Hope you can get all of the medical stuff sorted out! :)

  3. Awesome job this week! It was quite balmy here on Sunday and I could feel the humidity! It actually made me excited for

    1. Thanks!
      I love the warmth! Just not the humidity with it lol sadly, the two usually go together here. Summer will be here before you know it.

  4. I hope everything is okay. I'm glad you went back to the doctor. Take care of yourself and give us an update!

    1. Thank you Megan :)
      I hate appointments, but I guess I am glad I went.

  5. I’m exhausted reading about how much you work out and run.

    I think you look great.

    And you are moving. That’s a good thing.

    Let me know if you find s cure for the menipot besidesing loose tops.

    1. ha! sometimes I don't feel like I am doing much but when I read it sounds more impressive :)
      I think elastic everything may be in my near future!

  6. What is PH? I don't know what that stands for. I hope you get things under control! Ugh to menopause, that's what I say as I crawl down the street now.

    1. I have no idea what exactly it stand for (PH) just that being low causes me not to be able to fight off inflammation in the body and can have a negative impact on bone density and I am not able to fight off infection....which I am being treated for now. What people need to do to stay in balance though I already do so I am having more tests. In the end I carry a lot of stress and it seems to be impacting me in a physical way. Menopause isn't helping but my daily situation isn't good either.

  7. You did have a busy week. Yay on the solid runs. Boo on the medical issues. I hope you get your PH and weight issues sorted out. I know it can be so frustrating.

  8. Looks like a very strong week of workouts - congrats!

  9. Great job this week, especially with everything you had going on! I do my strength training in 2 full body sessions. Its been working well for me and I never feel so sore that I cant run the next day.

    1. Thanks! That is good you can still run and not feel too sore. I never seem to find the right balance lol

  10. I love strides, too. Obviously I haven't been doing any lately. I was doing them before I got sick.

    I'm really sorry you're struggling so much with medical issues and hope that you can find some answers soon. My Dad just had a melanoma cut out & now they have to go back & see if it spread. :(

    When it comes to strength training, you name it, I've tried it -- almost. Haven't tried Crossfit, for instance.

    1. Awww, I hope you Dad is okay! melanoma is the bad stuff, mine have all been Basil which seem to be more surface level.
      I am enjoying my strength stuff, I am not totally crossfit but we are doing very similar things

  11. You're a star for pushing through all the health junk and continuing to move. I'm up 8 this year with the crazy growing gut too. Sigh. It's insane. I started taking Apple Cider Vinegar tablets to make my system more acidic. I'm also not snacking to try avoid the insulin spike of a meal. Menopause is a total bitch. xo

    1. Thanks Marcia, it really does stink to struggle with weight so much when we work so hard. I think I am in need of being more acidic but I need to talk with the Doc to be sure lol but apple vinegar may be a good fix for me too. Cheers to finding a routine that works, it is a bitch. xo

  12. Nice week of workouts! I hope you'll get answers from the OB visit and testing. I had dark spots burned off at the dermatologist recently. Aging is no fun. Good idea to wear your bra over the shirt, btw. We ran the half in that humidity muck Sunday. I am not ready for that full time but it's coming. And coming fast. Waahhhh. Thanks for linking!

    1. Thanks! I hope I can get to feeling better. I am trying to push on but I am not finding my motivation this week. I have the dark spots too, yes the joy of aging lol The Doc hasn't tackled those yet lol
      I am worried I won't be able to hold up in the humidity this year.

  13. Great work, Karen! (I know I'm a few weeks behind getting to this.)

  14. I am sorry you had a hard week! I always have a really hard time running in the winter - it is dark and I get sick way more often then in summer.


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