Sunday, June 10, 2018

Run Wild Missoula! Yes, Please :)

I am so excited Bib Rave has granted me the opportunity to run the Missoula Half Marathon this July!

My first visit to Montana over 10 years ago is still vivid in my memory. Stepping off the plane in Kalispell, smelling that fresh mountain air, feeling the cool breezes in summer, and seeing the beauty of the mountains surrounding the valley hooked me. I started to travel around the state each visit so I could take in the views and really enjoy all the beauty the state has to offer.

One particular visit about 9 years ago, I drove from Portland, Oregon to Whitefish, Montana and passed through Missoula along the way.  I was awed by the relatively flat land surrounded by steep mountains, the views were stunning. The convergence of several different mountain ranges;  Rattlesnake, Bitteroot, Garnet Range, and Sapphire Mountain Range make Missoula a pretty unique place in the Northern Rockies.

Being an east coast gal, I have a deep appreciation for any place the dew point stays out of rain forest range and the heat of the day actually cools off overnight.

I hoped I am blessed with some of those cool morning temps on race day, but rain or shine I am going to enjoy every step where Lewis and Clark once travailed.

My favorite thing to do in a new town is take a good long walk or run in so I can really experience it. 13.1 is going to be the perfect way to take in all Missoula has to offer!

Use my discount code and join me July 13-15!

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  1. So will you get to see your mom? Sounds like a wonderful race.

    1. Yes, I am primarily going to see my Mom and I will go to Missoula for the weekend!! I have loved every town I have run in MT. I look forward to this course very much :)

  2. "Being an east coast gal, I have a deep appreciation for any place the dew point stays out of rain forest range and the heat of the day actually cools off overnight." SAME!!!!!! I literally cannot express how surprised I am every summer by how hot and humid it gets. I have lived in Florida for 28 of my 32 years and am still shocked, but have become even more shocked since starting to run. My "long run" of 4 miles was miserable this weekend because of how hot and humid it was. I hope to start acclimating any moment now lol!

    1. LOL I know you love living in Paradise, but the humidity would kill me lol I have decided that acclimation is a unicorn :)

  3. You're so lucky!!! I would love to go to Montana someday. :)

  4. Beautiful country! I know you are super excited about going back and spending time with your Mom. Will you be doing the half or the full?

    1. I decided to run the half...I was tempted for a few seconds but I thought about how strong the sun feels there when it does come up, being at 3,000 elevation makes a difference that I can really feel! I also didn't want to wear myself out and full-on recovery days - I want to walk and run as much as possible when I am out there. The cooler feel brings joy to my heart :)


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